Five Type Of Foods Would Make People Stupid

As we all known, many foods that we eat are good for our brain, such as, milk, fish, carrot and scallion have the functions on boosting brain power and replenishing the intelligence. The research shows that long-term eating the following five types of foods would make our brain lags in response, clumsy and even reduce our memory and so on. Then what are the five types of foods? Let us have a look.

Salty foods. Our physiological needs for salt is very low, 7grams a day for an adult is enough and 4grams for a child in enough. Frequent intake of salty foods would damage artery blood vessel and affect the supply of blood to brain, thus can make brain cells in a state that lack of blood and oxygen for a long time, this can lead to the loss of memory and brain would be premature aged.

Foods are rich in lead. Lead can replace other mineral substance’s activation status in nervous system, such as, iron, calcium and zinc. Therefore, lead is one of the killers of brain cells. Foods that rich in lead includes, puffed rich and preserved eggs. One more thing we should notice that lead-non preserved egg doesn’t mean it is free from lead, it just under the corresponding national standard. It is also not good to eat a lot.

Foods are rich in aluminum. The World Health Organization has pointed out that the daily intake of aluminum for a people should not be more than 60mg. The alum that twisted cruller contains is aluminum-containing inorganic substance, and the eat 50mg to 100mg twisted cruller would exceed this amount. So we should pay attention to when we eat twisted cruller.

Foods are rich in LPO includes, foods that make with the oil temperature high than 200 degree and foods are exposure to the sunlight, such as smoked fish, roast duck, roasted goose and so on. All these foods would accumulate in our body, and damage some metabolic enzyme and thus make our brain premature aged or dementia.

Foods that is high in saccharine and monosodium glutamate. The excessive intake of saccharine would damage the brain cells, and a small amount of intake of MSG is safe, but baby and pregnant women should not eat. Because baby’s intake of MSG would cause necrosis of brain cells and pregnant women’s intake of MSG would cause the deficiency of zinc for fetal and thus affect the intellectual development of baby. BOLA TANGKAS