Five ways to make your office more productive

Is your workplace performing at its optimum level? Could it do with becoming more efficient or productive? If so, then it could be time to introduce a few changes. Here are just five easy ways in which you could see work levels increase and your targets attained.

1. Break down your objectives into smaller, step-by-step targets. They’ll seem more manageable and achievable and will ensure you stay focused on your goals. It may also give you the opportunity to improve motivation among staff, by allowing them to see how the overall objectives can be easily achieved with small steps.

2. Get a personal assistant. If you’re overworked and some can’t seem to find the time to carry out essential aspects of your job, then it could be worth considering a personal assistant. They can help by significantly cutting back the time you spend on the phone or addressing minor issues. You could even use an affordable virtual PA service or outsourced call centre, which can drastically cut back the hours you spend answering calls.

3. Keep the office tidy. It may sound simple, but an uncluttered working environment (or even desk) will improve your productivity levels hugely. A cluttered desk or office means cluttered minds, which means you’re likely to get sidetracked during the day, either through distractions or by losing important information.

4. Incentivise and motivate your staff. Are your employees suitably rewarded for helping you meet targets? A happy worker is a productive one, so look at ways in which you can make their job less stressful or more efficient to perform. The best ways to do this is to seek feedback from them, as they know the constraints stopping them from reaching the targets you want. You could also consider consider results-based rewards, perhaps in the form of commission or extra holidays.

5. Plan your week. Spend an hour planning your who week out properly. Decide what you want to achieve by the end of each day, but keep those targets realistic, otherwise the plan will go out the window after day 1. If you’re organised, you’ll find it easier to get what you need done. It’s easy to get time-burgled if you’re day is spent jumping from one task to the other or if you’re dealing with other people’s problems.

So if you think your office needs to become more productive or efficient, perhaps it’s time to consider a service such as an outsourced call centre for inbound call handling.