Five Ways To Tell If Your Children Need More Exercise

It’s absolutely essential that children get lots of exercise, both for their health now and in the future. Here are five ways to tell if your child isn’t getting enough exercise.

1. If your little one plays for hours on their video game console or the internet without a break, they probably aren’t spending enough time getting exercise, so set limits to their screen time.

2. If your children are TV addicts at an early age, it’s a bad sign for things to come, as the way they are now could dictate how they are as young adults. This often comes from how you spend your time, so make sure you don’t spend hours on end glued to the gogglebox.

3. If you drive your children to a school that’s within walking distance, they could be missing out on half an hour of valuable exercise every day. If they’re young, then walk with them. Or, if at high school, encourage them to walk to school with friends.

4. If your son or daughter isn’t interested in sport, they could be getting far less exercise than those who are. Consider introducing them to new sports and activities, like Judo or Gymnastics. Or, why not take them for kids swimming lessons or to a nearby children’s fitness club? Just because they don’t like tennis, football or cricket doesn’t mean they should miss out on exercise.

5. If your home doesn’t have a big garden or there isn’t a safe place for them to go out and play near where you live, then you may think your children have no option but to find indoor, non-exercising, activities to keep them busy. The best way to overcome this is to make the time to take them to a local park or woodland area and play sports with them.

So, if you suspect your kids aren’t getting the exercise they need, you need to introduce some changes. From letting them walk to school to takin them to a local children’s gym, make sure you make the effort. For instance, there are many places to find kids swimming lessons that will help your children enjoy exercise.