Five “weapons” For Your Boyfriend

Romance between loves, sometimes, needs one side to create this kind of environment. Generally speaking, girls are more careful, attentive and considerate than boys. Therefore, creating the romantic atmosphere needs more efforts of girls.
Today, I want to tell girls who have boyfriends five “weapons” to make romantic environment.
Firstly, a type of perfume is very important. After a period of living together, you may know what kind of flavour your boyfriend loves, right? So if you two have chance to stay together alone, you can try some of this kind of perfume and I am sure your boyfriend will be touched badly.
Then, a suit of sexy clothes, which do not just limit to the pajamas and normal outside clothes will be work. Everyone has their own loved type of clothes, and it is the same with your boyfriend. If you wear such a suit of sexy clothes, you will be much more attractive, charming and sexy in the eyes of your boyfriend. If you two are alone, I am sure he will embrace you tightly and kiss you affectionately.
Next, some considerate behaviours. If your boyfriend sits before the computer to do some remained work, then, you can make a cup of hot milk, coffee and tea to him. He will be moved strongly. In your daily life, especially in the cold and freezing winter, you can say “I love you”, ” go to bed early”, ” have a good rest” and something like that to him, he will feel very warm.
Fourth one, some gifts are also very important. As the footsteps of winter is nearer and nearer, a pair of gloves, a thick hat, a rope of cotton scarf or a pair of cotton slippers are the best choice for you to represent your love and carefulness to your boyfriend. He will be moved from the inner heart as well as outside body.
The last but not the least, a love kiss or a affectionate hug are also very necessary in your world, especially your boyfriend is very tired of working.
Until now, do you have more ideas about how to create the romantic environment in this winter? With the five “weapons”, I am sure you do. So, please start right now. BOLA TANGKAS