Fix Your Golf Slice – The Five Step Fix it Process

Fix your golf slice now when you understand and master these five steps. How long have you been playing with a persistent slice? Only months or worse years and how frustrated are you by your slice? On a scale of 1 to 10 are you a 1 or 10 and want to quit golf all together?

Regardless of where you fall on this scale, why would you not want to fix your swing. I started as a 1 and then went to a 10 and then quit golf for 6 months. I then swallowed my pride and worked on fixing my swing, the change did not happen overnight but with time and patience I now am almost slice free. I still slice once in a great while when I get tired but at least it is not all the time like before.

Here are some tips that helped me that I know will help you. The five steps are impact, grip, stance, back swing and the down swing.

1. When the club face comes through the impact zone you will be sure to slice if the club face does not hit the ball square. There are many reasons why this happens and we will examine some of these reasons.

2. The grip is essential to having a solid swing. You have to try different grips to see what grip works best for you. Try the baseball grip or overlapping the pinky or a conventional grip. Make sure your grip is loose and you are relaxed. Also, make sure that you can see at least two knuckles on the trailing hand.

3. During the stance your feet should be shoulder width apart and your shoulders should be pointed down the target line. Make sure you are relaxed at all times and you should have a slight bend in the knees. Keep your back straight and your eyes should be fixated on the ball at all times.

4. The back swing should start with a slow and steady motion until the shaft reaches 8 or 9 o’ clock. A coiling motion should begin at this point in the back swing. Think of your back as an axis. Your weight should be evenly distributed at the top of the back swing.

5. The down swing should begin with your hips and the transferring of your weight to the lead side of your body. Furthermore, the trailing elbow should be tucked close to your side. The arms should have a pulling down motion at the start of the down swing.

It is important to remember a sweeping motion is the best way to ensure you stop slicing. Furthermore, fixing a slice requires time and patience and if you really believe you can play better and start having fun again then these steps will help you achieve those results.