Fix Your Golf Swing Slice – These Five Steps Will Have You Playing Better Right Now

Fix your golf swing slice now and start having fun again. Remember for a moment when you first started playing golf and you were trying to take it all in and just learn. For the most part we had fun because golf was still new to us. When did that stop? When did we stop having fun and learning? I lost interest in golf because I had a terrible slice which was not getting better by just playing and golf was not fun to me anymore.

When your slicing all the time that 4 or 5 hour round seems like 8 or 10 hours. I went about trying to fix my golf swing slice all wrong. I was too stubborn to get help with my slice. I thought I could just keep playing and it would play itself out. I was wrong and it wasn’t until I quit for 6 months did I go back and learn. I learned how to play golf and the fun returned again. Here are five tips I learned.

1. The proper golf stance is a component to mastering your swing. Keep your feet shoulder width apart and your lead foot should be pointed slightly away from the ball or toward the target. Keep the lead shoulder pointed down the target line.

2. Grip is the second step to a solid swing. Now what works for me may not work for you so try different grips on the club. Now two things that helped me is to make sure you can see at least two knuckles on the trailing hand and do not grip the club too tight. Just loosening my grip cut seven strokes off my game.

3. On the back swing make sure you take the club back straight until the shaft hits 8 or 9 o’ clock and then begin to coil the upper body. Furthermore, slow down the swing to ensure you are taking the club back straight.

4. On the down swing make sure you keep the trailing elbow tucked and begin the down swing with transferring your weight onto the front or lead foot. This transfer should begin with the hips and not the hands or shoulders.

5. Follow through by keeping your head down and swinging the club along that imaginary straight line between the ball and where you are hitting it.

This game does not have to be a huge challenge. Take my lead and stop trying to play through your golf swing problems. Get help today, fix your golf swing and start having fun again. Seriously, how much happier will you be if you shave 10 to 15 strokes off your game. My guess is pretty happy like I am right now.