Flagship Nokia N82 Black Edition Tim Newly Installed Appearance Official Website – Nokia N82, Smart

Since Nokia N82 strong landing Mobile Market, the intelligent system with a strong and 500 megapixel camera with Carl. Zeiss

Shot Ability of the professional image won the favor of consumers and become one of the most talked about video phones. However, this flagship N series phone is too image

Public Of the silver body is critical to many users of the Nokia to introduce more color body full of expectation. It is in this context, following the style of the N82 for the first time a white appearance in Taiwan after the black version of the machine because the official website of the emergence of N series has once again aroused the concern of many people. May not be long before we can see the machine in the mobile phone market, a black version of the figure.

Nokia N82 While there are clearly introduced a black version of Nokia N82 is sooner or later, after all, directly in Nokia

Wrench Machine, this is a more common and more beloved Nokia official colors. Such as the Nokia N73 or Nokia 6233 black models, are in the market received good response, and even the recent Nokia 6300 has just launched is hot in a black version. More importantly, Nokia has always been used to obtain a cell phone market in certain circumstances to introduce more color models to continue to enhance the product’s popularity and boost sales. Therefore, in the past Nokia B82 titanium color, light colored titanium / titanium color and white color models based on three types of people are looking forward to release the black version is also a natural thing. In addition, the appearance of a black version of the N82 look at the details, not all black-body aircraft design, in addition to mobile phones

Panel And back, the other parts including the fuselage side and hang up and answer keys will be retained past the silver design, the overall color of the phone is more richly varied.

, Of course, the emergence of the black version is still to some extent for the past rumors N82 8GB version will use the black body design there are more suspense, such as the machine is not used as all black N95 8GB version body in some people, for the 8GB version of the advent of future reserve a space in the color. However, these for most users is not important, the Nokia N82 is more attracted to its comprehensive features and functionality superior camera, which looks cool color styles, in addition to the overall style of the Beyond the changes did not bring in substantially more to look forward to the content. Thus, silver and white versions of the same style of Nokia N82 black is no change in functionality. Still loaded with 2.4 inch TFT QVGA resolution of 16 million color screen and built-in 5,000,000 pixels Carl. Zeiss lens and Xenon

Flash , Carrying Symbian9.2 Operating system And S60 third edition FP1
Software Platform to support GSM / GP
RS / EDGE / WCDMA / HSDPA And WLAN Wireless LAN To support GPS Satellite navigation, with dual
Speaker And 3.5 mm Headset To support Bluetooth And Storage Card expansion, and many other features. At present, the machine is equipped with lithium in the domestic licensed

Battery (1050 mAh), Charger
, HS-43 headset, CA-75U Video Connectivity Cable, CA-101 data cable, 2GBmicro-SD memory card cases, selling prices around 4,500 yuan. BOLA TANGKAS