Flooding Type Sterilization Technology In The Field Of Soft Bags Of Food Sterilization Advantage –

Soft bags Package (Soft canned) food research is led by the United States, began in 1940. Now, soft bags of food have been able to replace metal parts and Glass jars And other packaged foods, soft bag packaging material thickness is small, fast heat transfer, sterilization time is short, better to keep the original color of food, smell and taste; packaging density, light, small, space-saving, convenient for transportation; have longer shelf life and convenient to eat and can be used Metal cans , Glass bottle The sterilization of canned food and equipment. But soft bag packaging material strength is low, many companies in the high-temperature retort pouch secondary sterilization, although the people, things, material and other sectors have been strictly controlled, but the production of products is still unsatisfactory, soft bag breakage rate high, “overburning”, “cold spots” phenomenon frequently, resulting in low output and a serious waste of materials.

Now applied to the second sterilization pouch food sterilization equipment, mainly intermittent static sterilization equipment, including “steam sterilization pot,” “flooding type sterilizing machine” and the “flooding type retorts.” “Steam sterilization pot” is a traditional sterilization equipment sterilization process of the pan because there is cold air will occur, causing uneven temperature distribution inconsistent quality sterilization, need to adopt emission measure, part of the steam discharged to the atmosphere ( heat source about 25%), resulting in Energy Waste and causing noise and pollution of the workshop is not conducive to corporate and social development. “Immersion-type sterilization machine” bulky equipment, complicated operation, mainly used in Meat Steel cans and sterilization.

“Flooding type retorts,” classified as “Lateral” and “top spray” two, is a new generation of sterilization equipment, in the nineties of the last century into China, Ningbo acute care sterilization equipment Co., Ltd. is the first production of “automatic watering sterilizing pot” business. The sterilization process is through a sterilization machine in the many sides or top of the nozzle, spray a mist of water to the food surface wave type, and the rapid heating and cooling rate can be comprehensive, fast and stable on the pan product sterilization, particularly suitable for high temperature cooking bags of food sterilization.

Flooding type sterilization method and the traditional high temperature and pressure sterilization method is different:

A “pot accurate back pressure control” technology and “wave-shaped water spray” approach. As the soft bag packaging materials generally are more sensitive to hot and cold, and easily damaged, the new flooding type autoclaves using unique technology and watering way to reach the pot the pressure error is less than 0.01mpa, the temperature error of less than 0.3 , so that products can be completely uniform pressure pot, heat;

A “real-time flow of accurate measurement” device. Keep control of pan spray conditions, to ensure uniform heating pot soft bag, to avoid “cold spots”;

New flooding type autoclaves in the heating, insulation, cooling the whole process all by the PLC intelligent control and the “automatic touch screen” as the man-machine interface. Multi-stage heating, cooling process, can reduce the soft bag of food between the surface and center temperature difference. Temperature up to 16 movements, is the common sterilization pot more than 2 times, all the parameters from the PLC touch screen to easily enter, and can store 30 sets of pre-sterilization parameters, the replacement material for species simply call up the relevant parameters can be bactericidal ;

Heat distribution measurement. Each sterilization pot factory in need of strict determination of the thermal distribution, the temperature error of less than 0.5 strictly controlled in order to ensure the pot every bag in the sterilization process is safe, reliable;

Cooling water and disinfection of water separation. In cooling contact with the flexible package is already high temperature sterilization of recycled water, will not cause secondary pollution flexible packaging bags, cooling water will not be the adhesion of the surface of flexible package of materials contaminated by oil, and can recycling, water conservation greatly reduce production costs;

High degree of automation. When the dress into the basket of products, sterilization autoclaves, simply press the start button, the entire sterilization process, heating, sterilization temperature, pressure, vacuum, cooling automatically. BOLA TANGKAS