Flora Innovation Development: Energy-saving High-definition Audio Ipod – Hd Disc Players, Projectors

Internet HD DVD, HD Portable Projection Meter, high-definition camcorders that can play iPod / iPhone audio and wireless Speaker … … This is the eleventh HC Network in Huadu District, Science and Technology Week launch ceremony saw innovation Video Products.

Pictured: The Government and industry associations Kaidi Wei spoke highly of the product
2010 5 afternoon of 15 from Guangzhou Huadu District, the leading group for science, high-definition camera up in China organized by the Federation as the industry innovation, technology and information Huadu District Council (District Intellectual Property Office), the District Electronic Industry associations, State Optical Institute of Zhongshan University, Guangzhou Huadu and Shenzhen Innovation and Technologies HD Technology Co., Ltd. Huadu District, hosted by Science and Technology Week, in the Huadu District, Grand Hyatt Hua Kui Hotels China held a launching ceremony and photo playback and high-definition sound engineering technical conference. China Electronic Audio Industry Association director of high-Wan Chun, Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province Deputy Inspector Liaozhao Long, Guangzhou Branch, Deputy Secretary of the letter leaves power, Huadu District, Mayor and Deputy Mayor Li Xiaodong Lin Zhongjian and other leaders were in attendance guidance.

Photo: Huadu District People’s Government Li Xiaodong, Deputy Mayor to speak
It is understood, Huadu District, Science and Technology Week has been successfully held the tenth, which a large-scale popularization of national science and technology event, not only displayed in an earlier start in the field of electronic industry’s latest technological achievements, Huadu District, and able to carry forward the spirit of science and technology, disseminate scientific ideas, promote science and civilization. 2010, Huadu District, the “Asian science and technology, innovation and flowers” as the theme, attempting to use force the Games an opportunity to do the work of independent innovation, the Huadu District to build the core of China’s optoelectronics industry base.

Photo above: Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province Deputy Inspector Liaozhao Long speeches
Photo: China Audio Industries Association, spoke of Gao Jun, director

Technology Week launch ceremony, the site has also held up as China’s high-definition camera, audio engineering and technical exchange. In the high-definition products, the Huadu Kaidi Wei Electronics Factory brings the use of high-definition LED screen in the mini-projector, displayed, Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics new generation of multi- CD NVD technology program, Shenzhen Aoqi International (Hong Kong) brings a portable high-definition digital video camera, Guangzhou Hongli Opto-electronic Co., Ltd. is on the LED backlight in flat panel TV The application of the solution was introduced. Among them, Kaidi Wei Cai win the lottery company’s micro-display high-definition projectors are in principle and structure of a breakthrough innovation, attracting audience attention. Kaidi Wei not only improved the LCOS display devices and optical design to improve the performance of LCOS projection system; and the development of a high-performance LED light source drive technology, high stability, the protection capacity, etc; Huadu District, after listening to Mayor Lin Zhongjian Kaidi Wei Wu General Manager praise song after the introduction said: “this product is very good, Audiovisual Product development trend will be high definition, high real close integration with the Internet. “With the improvement of quality of life of consumers, as well as poor global climate change, the community are calling for energy conservation, Huadu District Government also strongly support energy conservation projects, Lin Zhongjian Divisional Officer of the HC network and other media, said: the future flowers should be to create a national and even global LED packaging center, but also to create a brand innovation LED LED industry base and supporting key areas. BOLA TANGKAS