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Florida couple claims that a can of Diet PepsiCo (DietPepsi) Soft drink Inside, I spotted a dead mouse, alerted the United States Food And Drug Administration of the investigation. PepsiCo stressed that attaches great importance to this incident, will assist the authorities in the investigation.

Strange case of nausea that were the Emmy? Denegri and her husband Godfrey last week in Florida Ormond Beach home barbecue. When Godfrey opened a can of Diet Pepsi cans to drink, I felt weird taste.

Amy interviewed by local newspapers, “eyewitness news” interview, said: “Godfrey revealed a Vinegar-faced, that it can be difficult to drink soft drinks, there is something wrong.” Couple of soft drinks to fall in a tank plate and was surprised to find some strange things tank, upon closer scrutiny, like a dead mouse in the object.

Amy said: “We are not sure what it is pink, disgusting.”
U.S. Food and Drug Administration received some complaint, immediately investigate the suspicion that the problem of soft drink cans and sent to laboratory for testing. A spokesman said about one to two weeks to wait, we know the test results.

PepsiCo know the incident occurred after contact with Godfrey and Amy sent a couple more details. The company spokesman said this is not the first time the company received similar complaints, but in the past, if a foreign body within the soft drinks, are normally in Package The process of being intercepted, not out of the market for sale.

Godfrey and Amy claimed that large-scale retail stores in Florida, Daytona Beach SamsClub issue to purchase the cans of soft drink. PepsiCo said it can of soft drink plant in Florida in Orlando, packaging, after investigation, no evidence to prove the process of production and packaging problems, but the company attaches great importance to this incident, and will assist the authorities in the investigation.

He added that there is a possibility that, sometimes customers opened the cans on the side of the eye, there might be something to climb into the tank, and then drowned by soft drinks.

Godfrey and Amy said they do not intend to file lawsuits or claims, Godfrey will drink Pepsi later, but first of all soft drinks into the cup will see clearly after the drink you’ll feel.

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