Flossing Before You Brush is More Effective

The average American does not flossing enough and out of the Americans who do floss they do not floss in the most effective order. Flossing is something that should be done on a daily basis but most people do not floss at all and the people who do floss do not always do it daily. Flossing has been proven to help fight against cavities, gum disease, plaque build-up and tooth decay. It promotes healthy gums and leads to less visits to the dentist. Even recent studies show that flowing can help prevent heart attack or stroke.

The proper flossing technique is also very important because you can end up damaging your gums. You want to be gentle and avoid flicking the floss through your teeth. You want to slowly glide it through your teeth and in between the gum and teeth. Use the floss as if it were a brush and brush the side of your teeth with it to break up all the plaque, and food you may have stuck in between your teeth.

Flossing before your brush is more effective than brushing after you brush but most people do not realize this. Flossing will break up all the plaque and food you may have between your teeth and when you brush it pulls all the broken up plaque and food away from your teeth. By breaking up the plaque buildup you make it loose and easily removable by your tooth brush. When you brush before you flossing you are helping break down your plaque buildup but you cannot reach in between your teeth effectively. Your toothbrush simply cannot reach the buildup you have between your teeth. It is like trying to use a broom to move a bowling ball size rock. If you try it, it is very hard and almost impossible. But if you break up the rock into a thousand different pieces it becomes much easier to move with a broom. You dental floss would act as the tool to break up your plaque that is ready to be removed by your toothbrush.

You may also use products like Listerine, which will help, but the best and most effective method would be to floss before you brush your teeth and break up all the plaque for your toothbrush. You will experience healthier gums, and less cavities.