Flying With Kids – Best Flying Tips For Parents

So you want to go on vacation, and its going to take you some time to get to your destination, unless you fly. Why not fly? Flying with kids can be an enjoyable and exciting adventure which is the perfect way to start a family vacation.

Not only do you get to your destination sooner, you don’t have to put up with bored kids asking ‘are we there yet?’

The only thing to consider when flying with kids, is you need to be clever in your packing. Flying will limit you in what you can take with you, especially if you are on a budget airline.

Whatever you can buy at your destination, simply buy at your destination. That will eliminate nappies and formula for little ones. Of course saying that it is important to have what you need for at least the first 24 hours, so your not frantically looking for a supermarket as soon as you reach your destination.

Let the kids pack a small back pack each with their items they want to take. You can influence their decisions if you need to. Encourage them to think about what they want to do when they are on the plane. Reading, Colouring, there will be something they will love to do.

Snack carts are a great way to entertain the kids, the novelty factor is huge here.

Think about when you want to fly, is that a compatible time for your children. Do you want them to sleep on the plane or will you simply be faced with a tired irritable child. Only you can decide what is best for your family.

HOT TIP: Flying early is the best time of the day to avoid delays. As the day progresses, so will any delays that may occur.

Make sure you check in early, there is plenty to do at the airport to keep your kids entertained. Let them move around and this will stop them from getting as restless on the plane. If you expect them to sit still waiting for the plane, by the time they get on they will have had enough and will be more inclined to get up to mischief.

A great idea for older children, you could set a stop watch with the time it will take to arrive at the destination. This will eliminate them asking ‘how long to we get there’ and give them more control. Call the travel agent or tourist information centre prior to your flight and have them send you a pack full of brochures and information about your destination. This will certainly keep the kids busy for a while and will help build up the excitement about the vacation and the destination.

Flying with Children, doesn’t have to be a terrifying and exhausting experience. Follow our tips to ensure your holiday starts from the minute you leave your front door.