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PET Bottles of cold aseptic filling technology theory and practice
PET bottles aseptic cold filling technology is today Beverages Filling technology in the high technology. Because of its many other advantages of filling technology can not be replaced, so the prospects are very broad technology, is already causing great concern in the beverage industry at home and abroad. Domestic beverage machinery manufacturers have also started development of the localization of aseptic cold filling beverage machine, the U.S. star Shunfeng Group early in 1999, jointly developed with Robust Group, this high-tech subjects and to acquire a breakthrough now developed to the third generation.

PET aseptic cold filling line Bottle basic requirements. Filling production line of products at normal temperature, the speed of production lines to meet customer demand; production line products to keep the product because of microbial contamination during the period will not be a problem; production line operating environment on the health of the operators did not hurt.

PET bottles aseptic cold filling line is a required function. Create a suitable environment for aseptic filling of sterile and allows a longer period of time to maintain the aseptic environment; to Package Packaging materials and are (or filling material) sterile; filling was good after the bottle seal, the seal will not be easily damaged; production line strictly internal and external isolation, internal exhaust gas line should be treated before discharge.

U.S. star Shunfeng Group method of sterile devices. Equipment within the aseptic environment of the establishment and maintenance of water will in sterile bottles, aseptic filling and capping equipment, materials, configure France LA? CALHENE company microbial compartment and 100 air purification system, according to the cleanliness of different areas requirements, set a different air pressure, which requires high cleanliness regional air pressure is higher than in regions with low cleanliness requirement, so there may be contamination of the air will not enter the sterile high purity requirements of space.

Packaging sterile. Currently used for aseptic filling of the bottle sterilization methods are: Spray Method, spray method and perfusion. More difficult because the domestic manufacturers Bacterial contamination of the bottle of the initial level of control to a lower index, so the reliability of the U.S. satellite used sterilization higher perfusion within the sterilization of the bottle, bottle washing outside to spray sterilization method, and hold time on the left in the sterilization room full, you can ensure that the requirements to achieve commercial sterilization.

Currently used for aseptic filling of the lid sterilization methods: jetting, spray method and ultraviolet irradiation. U.S. satellite equipment selection of high reliability of disinfectant bactericidal jetting method for sterilization of the lid, the sterilization hold time also leave sufficient room.

Materials and access to sterile materials. Filling materials used in ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization automatic (the UHT) sterilization equipment, the method can effectively carry out sterilization on material, but also reduce the material after prolonged heating, resulting in changes in flavor, is the most General The best method of sterilization materials, the effect of sterilization to ensure that requirements to achieve commercial sterility. BOLA TANGKAS