Focus On Goods In China Issued “identity Cards”

July 1, 2008, China began to include industrial production permit and mandatory product certification management, household appliances, agricultural materials, gas appliances, food, cosmetics, etc. 9 classes full implementation of 69 key products, electronic monitoring and other related measures. To enable consumers to better, faster product purchase and use of endowed and active code for electronic monitoring, this newspaper interviewed the deputy director of AQSIQ Pu Changcheng.

First network product to be elected for a reason

Q: People on the first mandatory network of products are very concerned about why the selection of appliances, plywood, wire and cable, agricultural, gas appliances, labor protection supplies, blankets, food, cosmetic products as the 9 categories The first network product?

Pu Changcheng: According to the people’s aspirations and the quality of our product state, the state of key products from the government regulated system. Determine the part of the product as an electronic control products, we noted that the relationship between these products are healthy and safe products. Among these products are food products, electrical consumer products, plywood, agricultural products, and these are people, including friends of farmers are closely related.

Implement electronic monitoring of these products, taking into account the quality of these products the overall level of reality, but also takes into account the needs of the people. These types of products that implement the administrative licensing of our country’s products, manufacturers have to go through licensing, certification. In addition, these products are quality people complained more, these problems should be a focus of government regulation.

Olympic food has “identity card”

Q: In the July 1, 2008, 9, 69 key product categories need to implement electronic monitoring, to achieve 100% of endowed public. Now time has passed, I ask that goal come true? Measures taken to ensure the realization?

Pu Great Wall: the introduction of electronic monitoring requirement is made for each individual product an “identity card”, so that we can in a timely manner on the production, distribution, use link to link monitoring. Again, producers, consumers, the administrative department, we use “identity” issue such a code was found, if there are problems, we can promptly found back in time to solve. But put all the network products are given a code, need to resolve technical issues. Now, most companies have been included in the directory for network, part of the product is now endowed public is already with its “identity” to market the. So far, more than 20 million pieces of product with a code on the market.

Q: Food is not the Olympics are affixed to the electronic monitoring code? Electronic monitoring of food safety monitoring network for the Games will adopt special measures for the supervision?

Pu Great Wall: the Olympics of food need to use electronic monitoring code, in this case is the fixed supply, is for the athletes village for the Olympics officials, staff, reporters focused on residence and dining in the restaurant, these places The food should be strictly monitored to ensure food security, must use electronic monitoring code, and now the food supply of the Olympic Games has already begun to implement this system.

Endowed not increase the cost of doing business

Q: adding electronic control network, product endowed will increase business costs?

Pu Great Wall: Product Network endowed, the cost is mainly in the print link. Endowed approach can be printed code can be Coding, code can be posted. But the truly stable, quality is good we hope to print code, code printing, the cost will increase a little, but very small, probably a few PCT money. Enterprise Product endowed after previous anti-counterfeit labels can not, a corresponding reduction in some costs, the cost increase is very small. If the business network to find a similar business, to know how their technology program is done, you can also contact us directly, can help solve technical problems. Although the increase in the cost endowed a bit, but the effective fight against counterfeiting, in terms of long-term development of enterprises is also a good thing.

We calculated a single cost in printing packaging, if the operator of this comprehensive account, it is the future for enterprise management, enterprise anti-counterfeiting, close to business and customer relationships provide many facilities, so that if me another, corporate earnings come in there the other hand. Therefore, compared with each other, many network companies, including products already listed enterprises with code, do not think what the cost increase, and some also said to reduce the original cost.

Electronic monitoring code to distinguish the authenticity of goods

Q: What are ways in the end you can check e-supervision of code? Products through the query can learn what information? Bar code before, What is the difference? Through this information to determine how the authenticity of it?

Pu Changcheng: electronic monitoring code is to use bar code technology and information technology tools to real-time monitoring, we referred to as automatic identification technology, bar code technology and network information technology tools, these technologies together to implement regulatory measures. People can search electronic monitoring code we provide can be used two ways to search, in some places there are inquiries device, a scanning device in the query, the query devices will be immediately reflected in the current inquiry devices, but not very common.

The most simple and free way is to directly call inquiries, call 95001111 or 114 to switch electronic monitoring network, the electronic monitoring code following a number of required input, the electronic control network database, this product can tell the real information . If the system query information exception, the system will automatically transfer the information in law enforcement, law enforcement departments will immediately be back and investigate these products. Consumers also can call 12365 to report.