Follow The Following Tips To Eliminate Your Acne

We are taught from birth that washing our face is something that we need to do every day. If you’re like most of us, however, washing your face feels more like a chore that you have to do than something you should make the time to do. When all you want to do is go to sleep, washing your face is a huge pain in the…you know what–even if you can still remember your puberty years like they just finished happening. Here’s the thing: you need to keep your face clean to keep dirt and bacteria from infecting your pores. Do you still want to be prone to breakouts in your thirties and onward? Here are the steps you need to take to keep your face clean

Go easy when you wash your face! Don’t scrub! Scrubbing can leave your face open for pore clogging agents. Sure it will feel super clean for a while but you could accidentally do some serious harm to the very sensitive (and easily injured) skin on your face! You don’t want to have scrubbing scars do you? Good face washing means finding the balance between firmness and being gentle. Don’t worry–it can be done! A bright red face is not the goal! Looking a little flushed is okay, but bright red is not. Glowing is good but looking like a traffic light is bad.

Pay attention to the oil content in the cosmetics and beauty products you buy. Even your facial cleanser might have oil in it! The reason you wash your face with cleanser is to get rid of the oil in your pores! When you go shopping be sure to look at the ingredients of the different products that you buy. One of the best ways to do this is to opt for powder based cosmetics instead of liquid based cosmetics. A facial cleanser should be light and feel more like lotion than soap, so stay away from super heavy liquids or cleansers that start out as solids. Use common sense and be careful!

Lower your stress level! Stress is one of the major causes of most adult acne breakouts. Make some time for relaxation every day. It is a good idea to learn how to calm yourself down when you feel your stress levels get out of control. A change in lifestyle might be worth exploring if your daily life is filled to the brim with extremely stressful situations. Finding time to calm down and decompress is not just good for your mind, it is good for your skin!

You have lots of acne treatments to choose from. The range of acne treating options ranges from the totally natural to the harshly chemical. You might even be one of the lucky few who can cure acne breakouts with a change in diet and exercise. Finding the ultimate cure for your acne is a trial and error process. It shouldn’t take too long before you discover the acne remedy that works best for you. Keep trying and before you know it your skin will be acne free!