Follow Up Contacts With Business Cards

When it comes to promoting a business, face to face meeting is still one of the best and easiest ways to do this. Although online marketing is the popular trend today, experts still recommend the use of traditional marketing as the most cost effective way to reach your target market. If you do a good job at meeting people, it will be easy for you to get new customers and sales. Your business cards will not be wasted and you will surely receive a lot cards in return.

But once you are able to do all this, what do you do next? Do you simply wait for your customers to come to you? Do you let your business card templates and the cards that you collected sit in your drawer? Definitely not. Consistent follow up is the key to effective promotion. One time meeting is not enough to make you a sale. Repeated contact with potential customers is the trick to getting profitable patrons.

There are basically three ways to follow up on potential patrons—through mail, phone, and in person.

By mail. There are two avenues to do this: the standard mail or e-mail. When you do standard mail, you need to make sure that you create an exceptionally compelling and interesting letter. Take note that people rarely respond to advertising letters these days. So, be sure to be unique and exceptional in your letter.

If you use emails, be sure to create a unique email as well. Keep in mind that people are offended by generic promotional letters. It’s best to use email when you have already established a relationship with your customers. This will allow you to communicate more personally with them. But if you do decide to use email to communicate with someone who is not expecting to hear from you, be sure to personalize the message you will write for each customer.

Once you are done with the initial contact, be sure to think of ways to keep in contact you’re your prospects on a regular basis. You do call them to say hello or to update them with your latest products or services. You can consider sending a note with an art work or clipping, but don’t forward jokes unless you are sure that your customer will appreciate them.

By phone. You can use the business cards you have collected to call your potential customers and see if they are interested in your offerings. You can also try to set up a meeting with them. You also call to invite them to your trade show, refer them to your website, or to mail them a brochure or marketing letter.

Usually, the common strategy to follow when using the phone to contact prospects is to call first, then mail something, and call again. The initial call is done to create interest. If you can’t reach your prospect by phone, send them message through email or regular mail. Then make a call again to know if your prospect is ready to hear what you have to say.

In person. When you do in person follow up, you can schedule lunch meeting or invite your prospects to an upcoming occasion you organized or plan to attend. After you have gathered quite a number of prospects, you can consider sending them newsletters or postcards regularly.

Whoever method you use to follow up on your customers, be sure to have their card organized and kept properly. You need to keep things organized, so it is easy to contact your prospects when it time to follow up.