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Recently, the International Food Packaging Association published the “2010 China Food Packaging Industry” Ten hidden products “,” including the people’s daily life is almost inseparable from the snack box, food bags, disposable Cups , Fresh film materials.

Inquisitor Dinner at the hotel after the use of disposable plastic lunch box leftovers Strapping Home; to the market to buy cooked food, using plastic bags to take home; to friend’s homes, bright white paper cups with water; transparent and durable space cup, even a careless fell to the ground, it will not break … … Who would not think that these are often used in everyday life things, once chosen accidentally, it is possible to buy poor quality, toxic products, jeopardize the health and safety of consumers.

To increase the vigilance of the consumers of these products, January 28, International Food Packaging Association published the “2010 China Food Packaging Industry” Ten hidden products “,” including disposable plastic tableware, food and plastic bags , compartment plate, paper cup, space cups and baby bottles, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) film preservation.

Guard against shoddy products mislead consumers

Disposable plastic tableware in the most common plastic foam lunch boxes, used in many fast-food restaurants are cheap, poor quality plastic foam lunch boxes. Dong, Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Lion said that to reduce costs, the poor production of disposable plastic tableware, large number of enterprises using industrial-grade calcium carbonate, talc, paraffin wax and other toxic raw materials, or accession to be carcinogenic effect of fluorescent White agent cover impurities, even from unknown sources added waste plastics. Such as long-term use, toxic and hazardous substances to penetrate food, may lead to chronic poisoning of consumers.

Food in plastic bags is also frequently used consumer products, due to direct contact with food, the state not only the food in plastic bags Raw material Demanding, and requires food bag should be marked “food with” words. However, the market in the informal food in plastic bags, not only did not mark the words, or even illegal use of waste plastics and other raw materials, dyeing production; some forgery or fraudulent use of other QS production license to deceive consumers; also part of the food in plastic bags less than 0.015 millimeters thick, explicitly state the elimination products.

Dong Lion said that due to lack of promotional efforts, many consumers do not understand the non-food and food with a plastic bag with the distinction between the use of non-food use of plastic bags of food situation occur.

Melamine tableware, also known as melamine tableware, last year’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the poor quality melamine tableware a crush, but still low-quality tableware face-lift in the market. Part of the market is poisonous urea compartment tray Formaldehyde Resin production of melamine tableware, wear the “glove set” clothes, and dressed in the products produced fruit and other food patterns, on the formal side of melamine tableware Sell Mislead consumers, “compartment plate” can be dressed as food utensils.

In fact, even qualified melamine melamine tableware, there are requirements on the use of conditions, in particular, can not be heated in a microwave. Qualified melamine tableware temperature should not exceed 150 , with urea-formaldehyde resin temperature is unqualified tableware 80 . Above 80 , urea-formaldehyde resin melamine tableware will be volatile carcinogen formaldehyde.

Bisphenol A long-term use with easy to carcinogenic products

2010 annual food packaging industry in China “Ten hidden product” selection tips flooded the market with a large number of unqualified cups, mainly due to poor quality paper cup manufacturers to reduce costs, use of waste paper, waste plastics production ; for the whitening, is also an increase of raw materials in some countries banned the production of fluorescence used in food packaging etc; to make paper cups outside the pattern more vivid, use of low-grade benzene-based ink, as benzene, toluene, xylene, etc. hazardous solvents, mercury, lead, arsenic and other heavy metals, serious harm to the human body. BOLA TANGKAS