Food Spill Is The No One Cause For Laptop Damage

People are so busy today that they never stop to enjoy what they are doing. From working full time jobs to raising children, it seems to be a never ending line of obligations. While technology has advanced and supplied us with electronics that we can throw in our pockets and take anywhere, it has also stolen time from other daily activities that we once enjoyed. Food Spill is the number one cause for laptop damage because we do not take the time to sit, relax and enjoy our meals like we once did.

Wanting to get everything done quickly seems to be the goal of the century. Computers help us budget, shop, find items, locate stores, map out our trips, and can just about run our lives. Now people can even read the news on their laptop computers. They can read all the latest updates anytime they like and not even have to buy a paper. Now, not only do we have everything else available on the computer, but we have the up to date, current news that is available to us at any given moment.

Although this is wonderful in its own right, many times we lose the little things in life that we once enjoyed. Dinner with the family was a time to catch up and find out all the happenings of the day. Watching your children giggle at some silly little movie that they made you watch with them was priceless. Even listening to the smallest of conversations is often lost because of the time that is spent on all the electronics we have to our disposal.

When people sit on their computers and eat or drink, they risk spilling something on it that will cause damage and perhaps costly repairs. With the versatility of laptops, it is difficult not to take them everywhere we go. But because they are so easy to carry people often take them to restaurants and lounges while they are socializing with friends and business associates. This is when it is very easy to drop something on your laptop that will cause major problems.

Having access to a computer is one of the greatest things we have in the twenty first century. You can get your email right away, find out what shows are playing tonight or what is happening in the news. It is like having the world accessible to you at any given moment. If you can not remember a name of someone, just look it up. If you want the score on a game that you had to miss, look it up. Computers are great for all of this.

While many people enjoy their laptops and take good care of them, they always run a risk of having something happening to their laptops. They could lay it down on the bus and forget it, or they could drop it crossing the street and shatter it. They can even spill coffee or tea on it and damage it, which is something that happens more often than not. This is the biggest cause of laptop damage.

The solution with getting the up to date news would be to listen to a news anchor rather than reading about it. This would give the receiver the opportunity to sit back, relax and listen while drinking their coffee or eating their lunch and still hear what it going on in the world. This would also provide some time to process the information that is being delivered.

Now there is the opportunity to listen to a News Anchor deliver the news to you right on the laptop. This one-click and hands-free operation allows you to listen, process and receive the information you are looking for without stumbling with food or drink cups that will ultimately cause you more harm than good. Because food spill is the number 1 cause for laptop damage, it may be smarter to lay your laptop down, turn on the News Anchor and pull away from the table to enjoying your meal. News Anchor read news feeds out loud so that you do not need to focus on the screen.

The benefits of News Anchor as opposed to Television or Radio are that you can enjoy news that is not covered by big media companies. News Anchor can generate news shows from niche blogs and websites and topic-focused news channels ? you can create news shows focused on specific topics that can be played any time. You will not have to read news which you may not be interested in as you will be presented with only interesting and relevant news by using RSS feeds where you can select which news, article providers, or bloggers) you want to hear from.

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RC Airplane Made of FOOD (with William Osman)

AYYYYEEEE today we made a FOOD RC PLANE!

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check out william’s channel too! we made a VCR robot!!!!

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