Foods and the Risk of Breast Cancer

The findings of studies analyzing the connection between eating dairy foods and breast cancer risk are not in agreement. A number of studies proved a higher risk of the disease linked with eating dairy foods; others confirmed a lower risk and a number of showed no relationship by any means. At present, no fixed suggestions could be made to assist women to reduce their risk of the disease by their option of dairy foods.

There is no direct relation between foods in this group and breast cancer. But eating too much sugar could make you get fatter and there is study that relates obesity and the disease.

Protein foods are meats, fish, dairy foods and pulses (eg beans and lentils or dahl), soya and tofu. There are a number of proofs that eating many red meat or fried meat might add to your risk of breast cancer. But a number of studies confirm no increase in risk from eating these foods and thus it most likely doesn’t play a large role.

Actually no food or diet could prevent you from getting breast cancer. But a number of foods could make your body the healthiest it could be, boost your immune system, and assist keep your risk for the disease as low as possible. And no food or diet could cure cancer; although a number of them might assist control treatment side effects or assist your body recovers following treatment. A number of food options might assist cancer treatment run more efficiently or might assist keep you healthy. Others could be dangerous and could interfere with treatment and improvement.

To develop a healthy diet that meets your needs, ask for guidance from a registered dietitian. He or she will carefully appraise your medical, diet, and also weight history. After that the registered dietitian will work with you on an individualized preparation to meet all your objectives:

– keep your risk of breast cancer as low as possible
– provide you with good nutrition
– keep you as healthy as possible

However, there are no precise foods a woman must eat to decrease breast cancer risk. For women who are concerned about their risk of the disease, the best eating plan (and calorie level) is one that assists them attaining a healthy weight.