Foods Disguised As Healthy That Really Aren’t – Bran Muffins and Salads, Not As Good As They Seem?

Halloween is a favored American holiday; who doesn’t enjoy dressing up and faking an identity for a day? Turns out humans aren’t the only entities able to evoke a false persona. Certain foods also play the trickery game, but these deceptive creatures celebrate Halloween all year round. They are perceived as healthy, but are actually dressed in a convincing costume. Keep reading to discover where to find these frauds, so you can stay far away from these caloric monsters in disguise. What you’re about to hear will spook you! Have no fear, our goal is to provide you with nutrition health articles that not only answer why nutrition is so important but provide an athlete’s guide to nutrition.

Muffins: I will never forget my shock when David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding, authors of the best selling book Eat This, Not That, revealed that you’re better off eating an Egg McMuffin than a bran muffin. What’! Turns out your morning muffin contains enough fat, sugar, and refined flour to overpower the benefits of the bran. Even a ‘fat-free’ muffin can contain between 400-500 calories. A muffin is basically a pastry in costume, and it has the likewise effect of spiking your blood sugar, encouraging the mid-morning crash. (whereas an Egg McMuffin contains protein to start your body’s engine and keep it fueled) If you must get your muffin fix, I’d suggest finding your own healthy recipe to ensure your not baking an impostor. (and use small muffin tins) Otherwise, opt for a high fiber cereal where the bran is allowed to shine the way it should. A great choice is Fiber One, which contains 14 grams of fiber and no sugar or saturated fat.

Salads: The salad is the most misunderstood food around, and people automatically associate these five letters with the word healthy. And yes, a salad can be extremely healthy and beneficial, but it can also be a major diet saboteur in disguise. It is all dependent of what goes into this colorful mix. When the San Francisco stadium Pac Bell Park opened, there was a lady on television critiquing the delectable cuisine offered at this ballpark. She said that calorie-wise, you were better off ordering a hot dog than the Caesar salad. What’! Shocking yes, but if you look beyond this food’s healthy assumption, you’ll find a true identity of creamy dressing, Parmesan cheese, and croutons. (that wiener’s looking pretty good) Always go for a salad made of mixed greens, a variety of vegetables, and an oil-based instead of a mayonnaise-based dressing. (throw some grilled chicken or fish on top) Look inside your bowl, and if you see fried chicken, bacon, candied pecans, and Gorgonzola cheese chunks above a few pieces of lettuce it’s not really a salad!

Wraps: You see these on menus everywhere today marketed as a healthy alternative. A healthy alternative to what’ A wrap is basically a burrito with a deceitful name. Anything ‘wrapped’ in a giant tortilla only offers you an opportunity to consume more fat and calories. This tortilla alone can contain up to 400 calories, and its dimension allows more sustenance to be stuffed inside. You’re much better off going with a sandwich, which alone amounts to around 400 calories.

Granola: According to Eat This, Not That, the most offensive cereal on the market is Quaker 100% Natural Granola, and one serving is equivalent to 8 chicken wings. Huh’! How can that be; granola is composed of nutritional eats like nuts, oats, and raisins. Yes, the foundation of granola is extremely healthy, but the glue that combines these natural delights together consists of high fructose corn syrup and sugar. The manufacturers take a good thing, and dress it up in bad fat. Talk about an unflattering costume! Make your own granola with the real deal, or opt for oatmeal made from pure oats.