Foods That Help Lower Cholesterol – The Best Way to Address High Cholesterol Problems

If you have recently learned that your cholesterol levels are higher than they should be, then it is time for you begin thinking of the foods that help lower cholesterol as being an essential part of your diet.

While it is true that many people who have eaten a healthy diet all their life still end up with high cholesterol, the vast majority of us have high cholesterol because our diets have not contained an adequate supply of cholesterol fighting foods.

You see, instead of turning to cholesterol medication with all the side effects that are associated with it, there is a vast array of foods that help lower cholesterol that are incredibly effective. As a matter of fact, I recently read an article about a doctor who could not tolerate the side effects statin medication, so he was forced to bring down his high cholesterol with a combination of dietary changes and exercise.

He was surprised to find that his cholesterol levels came down better with his lifestyle changes than what the medication had provided for them.

The most effective foods that help lower cholesterol are green leafy and orange vegetables because of the very high amounts of fiber and plant sterols that they contain. This type of high fiber, low fat diet is incredibly effective at eliminating cholesterol from the body before it has a chance to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

But don’t get me wrong here. I’m not talking about a diet that eliminates all fats, but rather one that eliminates as much saturated fat as possible. Avoid deep-fried foods and needs known to have high amounts of saturated fats such as beef and pork.

On the other hand, there are many cholesterol fighting foods that contain healthy fats such as nuts and many grains. For instance, the flax seed benefits are huge and should be a part of any cholesterol lowering diet.

Virtually any food that contains soluble fiber will help reduce cholesterol. Fiber is only found in plants not a meats so you will need to learn to center your diet around fruit, vegetables, whole grains and nuts.

A diet that contains these foods that help lower cholesterol, when combined with cholesterol supplements that contain high amounts of plant sterols will reduce cholesterol levels surprisingly fast.

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