Foot care Products from Spenco

Spenco is one of the world renowned companies that deal with foot care products such as insoles, heel pads, orthotics and Spenco Arch Supports. Most of these products have been recommended by some of the doctors in the world because they provide the much needed relief to the feet as well as the whole body.

The spenco arch supports is not only firm but comes with an adjustable reinforcement of the arch. It comes with different features such as the Spencore layer that absorbs the shock and reduces the friction to ensure the user of overall foot support and to prevent blisters. They are also heat moldable making it easier for all to have a custom fit. The moldable orthotic cradle is useful in improving balance and stability. The sizes available are 6-1 for men and 3-12 for women. Buyers can also get the ¾ version of this product that is meant for tighter fitting shoes.

The other products from Spenco include the orthotics, which helps in relieving pain in the arch and at the same time improve the gait, stability and balance of the individual. With these products the user will have an extra wear time in a daily basis because they will enjoy the support granted to them. These products are available in up to 7 sizes to fit any type of shoe and boot. Men sizes are available in 6-15 and women sizes are available in 3-12. This also comes with a moldable thin orthotic cradle to minimize foot motion and to help in toe to heel cushioning.  They are also fitted with antimicrobial in order to reduce odor.

Still on arch reinforcement, users can also select from the different types of cushions that enhance this. Cushions are not only soft but also durable. They are a good choice when it comes to soothing tired feet ands improving the alignment of the body. The users can also select other cushions such as the ball of foot cushion, which comes with contoured and targeted reinforcement as well as additional padding for the ball and the metatarsal arch. They are available in three different sizes: medium, large and small. They can also choose from the heel cushions that help in protecting the heel from stress and impact. Just like the ball of foot cushion, they are available in three sizes.

With these products, the users are assured of healthy feet that then translate to healthier body. Having healthy feet will not only reduce the pain and stress on the users back, knees, ankles and hips thus offering them better balance, gait and stability. These products are able to fit any kind of shoe meaning that the users have a better choice and flexibility in their selection. They also have flexible options when it comes to purchasing them because they can visit different shops or surf on the internet to get the one that appeal to their desires. It is important that they select the right size in order to enjoy the benefits.

World’s 10 Most Expensive Fruits

Here are 10 of the most expensive fruits in the world.

Sure fruit is awesome, packed with all sorts of vitamins, antioxidants, and, of course, lip-smacking flavor.

Depending upon season and type, it’s also pretty reasonably priced. Well, most of it is, anyway.

There are a few out there that could put a dent in even particularly lush grocery budgets.

Here are 10 of the most expensive fruits in the world.

Number 10. Densuke watermelon. Praised for its unique sweetness, this melon also has a very distinctive look. All black and lacking stripes, this beauty is definitely a grocery store stand-out. At its price point, it should be. In 2008 a 17-pounder sold at auction for 61 hundred dollars.

Number 9. Pineapples from the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Thank goodness pineapples have thick skins, because these ones are grown under straw, horse urine, and manure. To be fair, they hail from chilly England, so extreme measures are warranted. They’re given to staff as gifts, but their estimated value is 16 hundred dollars.

Number 8. Yubari King Melon. A serious amount of effort goes into making sure that these cantaloupes are perfect. Each vine is trimmed to limit its yield to one. Once sprouted, each melon is given a little hat to protect it from the sun. When picked the stems are trimmed to a tidy ‘T’ shape. One ideal specimen pair fetched around 23 thousand dollars at auction.

Number 7. Taiyo-no-Tamago Mangoes. The going rate for these beauties is 3 thousand dollars. To be fair, the price is for a box that includes 2. To earn the special distinction, the individual fruits must weigh at least 12 ounces and be high in sugar.

Number 6. Ruby Roman grapes. They’re perfectly round, extra sweet, and about the size of a ping pong ball, all of which are apparently extremely desirable qualities. People are willing to pay in excess of 4 thousand dollars to get their hands on a bunch.

Number 5. Square watermelons. Sure, it sounds cool, but is it over 800 dollars worth of awesome? That’s the price some Russians have been known to pay for the Japanese melons. To achieve the unique shape, farmers grow the fruit in plastic containers.

Number 4. Dekopon citrus. A cross between a mandarin and an orange, the membranes between the sections are known for their thinness and melt-in-your mouth quality. The flavor keeps happy customers combing back as well, as they hit an ideal balance between sweet and tart. A pack of 6 runs around 80 dollars.

Number 3. Sekai-ichi apples. The making of the 21-dollar apple — that’s a piece, not per pound — is far from left to nature. Fields are hand pollinated and each apple is washed in honey and hand stamped.

Number 2. Sembikiya Queen strawberries. Named for the swanky fruit store in Tokyo that sells them, each box of twelve is hand selected and perfectly matched. Even with a price tag of about 85 dollars, the retailer rings up at least 50 units a day.

Number 1. Buddha-shaped pears. Molds are placed on the pears as they grow from the trees, resulting in a piece of fruit that looks much like a small, decorative statue. People don’t seem to mind the 9-dollar price, and rush to buy them as soon as they’re picked.