For Baby Doll Collectors, Start A New Line With Boy Dolls

Dolls are sought after by discerning collectors, and for those who enjoy collecting baby dolls, you may want to consider expanding your horizons with the addition of boy dolls to your collection.  If you already have several girl dolls, it makes sense to balance your collection our with a series of boy dolls, and one particularly adorable line to take a look at is the American Boy Dolls line.  When grouped together, your doll collection can give a fascinating look at all of the different styles created by a variety of designers.

The American Boy Dolls line has the President Barack Obama Commemorative baby doll, the Realistic African-American baby doll, and the He Shoots, He Scores doll.  The Barack Obama doll wears a white t-shirt that has “Yes We Can” as well as “The Birth of Hope January 20, 2009” emblazoned on it, along with blue shorts and white booties.  The doll is crafted from vinyl to capture all of the lifelike detail necessary for a collectible doll.  

The African-American baby doll is part of the So Truly Real Tiny Miracles line.  It is dressed in a blue sleeper, with a white cardigan edged in blue trim.  The realism of the miniature vinyl doll has been enhanced with micro-rooted hair, vinyl skin that feels real to the touch, and realistic eyelashes, with fingernails and toenails that have been carefully hand painted.  This doll can also be easily posed.  

If you love hockey, then you’re sure to be delighted with the He Shoots, He Scores doll.  This blonde-haired, blue-eyed doll wears a hockey jersey, pants, striped socks and gloves in the patriotic red, white and blue colors.  The doll wears black hockey skates and carries a pint-sized hockey stick.

Other boy dolls are also available for your consideration and addition to your collection.  For the height of realism, why not get an anatomically correct baby doll?  They are available in the So Truly Real collectible vinyl line.  There are even life sized and lifelike baby dolls.  Artist Tinneke Janssens has created such a doll, who wears a three-piece baseball outfit in red and blue and comes with a pacifier and saddle shoes.  Other baby dolls come wearing a NASCAR racing outfit or a Batman outfit.  Some of the dolls are even musical.

To add to your doll collection with these fine dolls, you can visit a website that offers fine collectibles for the highest quality dolls.