For Your Boyfriend to Remain in Love With You – Let Go!

If you are reading this article, chances are that things are not as smooth between you and your boyfriend as you would prefer them to be. Before things go out of hand, you want to know ways to keep your boyfriend’s interest and love for you alive. But how can ensure that your boyfriend loves you as much as you love him?

To get the right answer to this question, you have to understand a bit of male psychology. Men not only prefer space and freedom, they also like to be in control over whatever they do. They feel claustrophobic with too much love, attention and emotions. Therefore the first step for you is to let go. Let your boyfriend be the way he chooses to be.

If you find him distancing himself from you, chances are that you are perhaps too overbearing. You are pushing him too hard to the extent that he is losing his space and his ability to remain in control. So, if you want your boyfriend to remain in love with you, give the kind of space that he wants.

The second thing to realize about men is that they take a long time to commit. Be it marriage or any other serious commitment, they would not budge unless they are ready in every sense of the word. Therefore if you find that your boyfriend is playing the ‘artful dodger; when it concerns issues like marriage, etc, respect his decisions in the matter and do not push him too hard. Or else, he might just dodge the issue and you completely. Make him believe that he holds the fort and you are there always, whichever way he decides.

If you are at the stage in the relationship where you are seeing each other just as ‘friends’ act a bit more elusive and unavailable, to trigger his interest in you. Without being too pushy, remain attractive, subtle and charming. Your boyfriend would remain glued to you forever.