For Your Own Health, Please Eat A Smaller Amount Snakes

When the whole world resist fast food, all Chinese buy it in rows. Taking Beijing as an example, children who have good grades in exams will be brought to have fast food by their parents as reward. In fact, it is damaging their children’s health! Except for children, many young persons also go to eat this snakes, such as college child still gets also favored young students including.

We can roughly divide so -called snakes into three categories. One is the main meal, including all kinds of instant noodles, hamburgers, baking food (bread), frozen food, fried chicken, beef, sausage, etc. Two, beverage, such as beer, soda, coke, fruit juice, instant coffee, etc. Three, refreshments, including French fries, salad, shrimp, nuts, ice cream and other Fried puffing food, and so on. In the fast food, high-protein and high-fat is the main characters of principal food, while high-sweat and high-salt are the main characters of snakes. Instead, of the human body need are urgent rarely.

The professor of health education office call on when accepting a reporter to interview that give up eating snakes.

In January 2005, the Washington post posting an article said in 41 percent interviewees in China, they have fast food at least once per week. At the same time, it told us that 200 million people weight exceed standard, and 6 million people were suffer from adiposity. The most chief reason caused diabetes mellitus and hyper tension is fast food. Since McDonald and KFC entered China, our fat children are increasing. Particularly in Beijing, the rate of children fatness has reached 40 percent. In recent years, children who attended losing weight summer time held in Beijing are all overweight. These children has decreasing health. It is hurt breaking.

According to some inspections, fast food contains excess Vitamin E and Vitamin A and Vitamin C are seriously not enough, perhaps only I percent of requirement. It contains too little insolubility dietary fiber. From children’s health and body development, an expert pointed out that child should try their best to have all kinds of foods. Starting from teenage physique and growth, their diet should be best to be diversification. For three meals, a balanced food is necessary, including fruits and vegetables, beans and corn, eggs, milk and meat products.We are allowed to have that kind snakes, but should have a limit, do not every meal.

On the other hand, drinks also causes of obesity. Such as coke which rapid occupied the Chinese consumer market and all kinds of fruit juice, soft drink, these tempt and control the taste of children and adults, as well as become the public drink. A mass of essence, sugar as well as artificial colorants are included in these drinks. After long term, people will become fat. For example, a bottle of ordinary soda water includes sugary 35-38 grams. It contains hardly any nutrients, just as a bottle of cleaning water, but contains too much sugar to lead obesity easily.