Ford Motor Business v. Buseman

On July 7, 2008, the Pennsylvania Superior Court decided the case of Ford Motor Firm v. Buseman, No. 807 EDA 2007, which followed previous holdings that broad language in a Common Release, like a discharge of “all other persons, firms or corporations,” will bar subsequent lawsuits. This is correct even if it was not the intention of the plaintiff to release other entities and the other entities were not involved in the prior litigation and paid no consideration to settle it.

Even though the primary application is in the Individual Injury arena when a plaintiff settles an accident case and then decides to pursue a Items Liability or Medical Malpractice case arising out of the very same incident, there are potentially other sorts of instances where this line of rulings would apply.

The lesson to be learned is that what may appear to be a “boilerplate” or “normal” Release need to be carefully analyzed and modified or else it may outcome in a release of other viable claims and lead to a painful contact to your malpractice carrier.

The Information

In Ford Motor Firm v. Buseman, Maya Buseman-Williams died in an accident involving a rollover of her 2002 Ford Explorer. Her Estate alleged that the Explorer was defective and filed a Goods Liability action against Ford.

However, the Estate had currently settled a Wrongful Death lawsuit against the driver of the Explorer, Kevin Reeves, and had signed a Release with Reeves’ carrier, State Farm, for $ 50,000 and Ms. Buseman-Williams’ Underinsured carrier, GEICO, for $ 100,000. Both Releases integrated language releasing Reeves and “all other persons, firms or corporations.”

The appeal revolved about Ford’s claim that the broad release language included a release of any claims against Ford for Products Liability such that the case against Ford must have ended with Summary Judgment.

The Selection

The Superior Court held that, since the language of the Releases was unambiguous and there was no evidence of fraud, accident, or mutual mistake, Summary Judgment need to have been entered for Ford since all claims against all entities had been released.

The Court reasoned that, when interpreting a contract, which includes a Release, the primary supply of the intention of the parties is the language of the contract. What a party later contends not to have intended can’t be in direct conflict with the plain language of the document.

The Court cited the case of Hasselrode v. Gnagy, 172 A.2d 764 (Pa. 1961), which incorporated the following passage:

If such a release can be nullified or circumvented, then every single written release and each and every written contract or agreement of any kind no matter how clear and pertinent and all-inclusive, can be set aside whenever a single of the parties has a alter of mind or whenever there subsequently occurs a change of circumstances which were unforeseen, or there have been soon after-found injuries, or the magnitude of a releasor’s injuries was unexpectedly elevated,or plaintiff made an inadequate settlement. It would make a mockery of the English language and of the law to permit this release to be circumvented or held to be nugatory.

Parties with achievable claims could settle their variations upon such terms as are suitable to them. They may incorporate or exclude terms, conditions and parties as they can agree. In performing so, they may yield, insist or reserve such right as they pick. If one insists that to settle, the matter have to end then and forever, as among them, they are at liberty to do so. They may agree for causes of their own that they will not sue each other or any a single for the event in question. Even so, improvident their agreement could be or subsequently prove for either party, their agreement, absent fraud, accident or mutual error, is the law of their case.

As a result, in spite of possessing not been a celebration to the prior Wrongful Death litigation and getting paid no consideration towards its settlement, the Releases executed by the plaintiff exonerated Ford and barred the Items Liability claim.

The Lesson

The lesson to be learned is that language releasing “all other persons, firms or corporations” truly means some thing. Specifically, it signifies that all claims against any individual in the planet are becoming released, regardless of whether or not that is what either party truly intends or whether or not any person else paid any consideration to be released.

If such a Release is signed in an accident case, any Products Liability case will also be released, as will any claim for Healthcare Malpractice arising out of any therapy which occurred before the date of the Release.

My suggestion is that you evaluation Releases meticulously and get rid of the broad reference to “all persons, firms or corporations.” If the insurance company will not agree to modify the Release you must advise the client to refuse to settle or insist that the client sign a written acknowledgement that he/she understands that the settlement will extinguish any and all claims arising out of the accident.
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