Foreign Agricultural Products Processing And Food Industry Trends – The Food Industry, Food Industry

The food industry around the world about 2.7 trillion U.S. dollars a year in sales ranks first in the industry, is an important industry for the global economy is the world’s largest manufacturing industry.

I. Development of the food processing industry

Industrialized countries in recent years the food industry is one of the fastest growing industries, processing and value-added ratio generally in 2.0-3.7:1.0, in the national economy plays an important role. Developed countries to serve the national life of the tertiary industry are well developed, its output value in GDP, a higher share of possession, in addition to the United States, other industrialized countries, the tertiary industry’s contribution to the growth rate of GDP over the first and second industry . The industrialized countries first, second and third industry contribution to GDP growth: the United States 0.19,2.95,2.15, Japan, 0.04,0.26,1.21, 0.02,1.43,2.13, Canada, France, 0.02,0.90,1.45. Germany, Italy, Australia and other countries, the tertiary industry’s contribution to GDP growth rate than the secondary industry, and more than a primary industry. These countries Home Engel coefficient people living in 10.6% -20%, respectively. When the output value of China’s tertiary industry accounted for 40%, can the Engel coefficient of living reduced to 35% -25% off living standard will reach the standard.

Europe’s agricultural product processing industry along with the industrial revolution was incubated. In the industrial revolution, Europe has established agricultural production, processing, storage and marketing organizational system, market system and technology system.

French agricultural product processing industry for nearly 20 years to develop a strong momentum of its industrial output value of agricultural products from 240 billion francs in 1978 to 792.5 billion francs in 1997, an increase of 2.3 times the average annual increase of 11.5%. French industrial output value of agricultural products accounted for 20.3% of industrial output, accounting for 7% of GDP; number of employees accounted for 20% of employment in industry has become the fastest growing industry in France, most profitable industries. If the owners of France’s food processing meat processing, the proportion of the total processing industry 23.4%; followed by milk processing, accounting for 20.7%; Beverages And wine, 13.8%; bread, sugar, chocolate and other food products accounted for 28.5%. France is the world’s largest food exporter in 1997 with exports amounting to 173 billion francs in 1995, global food exports accounted for more than 12%, 9% in the United States, China accounted for only 2.6%.

German food industry production of the most complete and diverse species. Two-thirds of Germany Foods In the market, more than 2000 kinds of new products. Small suppliers are particularly active and creative, new product sales accounted for 27%. As the quality and innovative features, the German production of food in the world to enjoy a high reputation, more popular products. German food industry in 2002 the total turnover of 125.4 billion euros, exports of 247 million euros. U.S. corn production, processing and consumption of power, production accounts for about 40% of world production of corn processing for the U.S. to bring enormous economic benefits. The current U.S. corn wet processing, the industry’s annual turnover of 11 billion U.S. dollars; more than 1,000 billion U.S. dollars annual export of corn gluten and corn protein Feed . The main U.S. soybean processing products for the soybean meal and soybean oil, produce 34 million tons of soybean meal, soybean oil 8.2 million tons. Soybean meal can be further processed into food, feed and other medical, Chemical industry And other products.

France, the United States, Britain, the Netherlands and other countries potato processing rates were 59%, 48%, 40% and 40%. Japan Rice Advanced processing technology, equipment, production of fine, high degree of automation.

Second, the food processing industry trends

Developed food processing industry has become an important manufacturing sector and export sector, is an important economic growth point. Developed as early as the beginning of industrialization and urbanization, high degree of rapid scientific and technological progress, which started early development of food industry, high level, and accumulated a lot of experience. BOLA TANGKAS