Forget About the Old Faxing!

The fax technology has come a long way now. Being invented as a slow, expensive and vulnerable-to-error one, it has just made a number of people feel disappointed. The old fax machine required a unique line and could only send or receive one fax in an ON status. Besides, sometimes the papers get jammed and your faxes just disappear, leaving the page empty. That is not to say, you could even some junk faxes.


Later, digital fax machines solved come of these problems. They were less expensive to purchase, so more homes and small businesses were able to afford to use them. They didn’t need a phone line, since they were hooked up to the internet instead. Many of them were multifunctional, and they could be used as a printer or scanner with your computer as well as a fax machine.


Now, with online faxing, even more improvements have been made. People are still sending faxes, so it’s unlikely that this way of communicating will disappear any time soon. However, online faxing means you can get rid of the machine itself, and a lot of the problems that go with it. Office and shared fax machines are often crowded, the lines may be busy, they run out of ink and paper. With online faxing, everyone in the office can fax from their own computer. No one needs to wait in line for the fax machine anymore, and multiple documents can be sent at the same time. You don’t need to leave the machines running all day and all night, either, since they will continue to receive and store your faxes whether your computer is turned on or not. Online faxing has the additional benefit of providing you with backup copies as well, so you can print out additional copies easily, or back up your files to disc.


But how much money can you really save? You can save hundreds by not buying a fax machine. You can also save money on your electricity bill, since you won’t have to leave any machines running all the time to make sure you don’t miss any important faxes. You can also reduce or eliminate a lot of long distance charges on your phone bill, since it’s cheaper to send faxes online. Online fax service plans vary in price, but they are usually less than thirty dollars a month. This will get you the ability to send hundreds of pages. If you don’t send many faxes, you can find plans for less than ten dollars a month. You also save on office supplies, because you don’t have to print out junk faxes, or any faxes you don’t need hard copies of.