Four Dried Fruits Have Good Effect On Replenishing Blood

As for women, anemia is a disease easily can be seen. The lack of blood make women’s complexion has no brilliancy and hair becomes dry and other symptoms. And more seriously, it can affect our life. So, it is a wise to replenishing blood from foods. Then which kind of foods can provide us a good result. Let’s have a look.

Mulberry contains the most abundant natural iron among the fruits. Nearly per one hundred grams contains 42.5mg. It is called to be the fruit for replenishing blood. The recommended method to eat mulberry is to use it for cooking congee. And every day a bowl of mulberry porridge can supplement the blood and make us beauty. However, the pregnant women should not eat mulberry.

Raisin is a very beneficial to replenishing blood. Make the grape into raisin, and the content of iron about 9.1mg in per one hundred grams. And during the process of sun-curing, the grape skin has been kept at maximum. The nutrition that grape skins contain is higher than the flesh contains. And also in the process, some stable nutrition of grape has also been kept, such as, iron, zinc, manganese, protein and antioxidants and so on.

Longan. Each one hundred grams of longan contains about 3.9mg iron, and it is also rich in iron among those fruits. It can be used to as a kind of food treatment for anemia. In general it is used to stew porridge and cook soup. Although longan is good, we should not eat it a lot at a time. Because longan is a kind of hot and humid food, eating too much will lead to obscure complexion, and people with inflammation should not eat it.

Dried date. Among dried dates, black date and glaced date are the best. The iron content is about 3.7mg to 3.9mg in per one hundred grams. So it can be considered as a fine food among those replenishing blood foods. The dried dated are also rich in vitamin C, which is a important factor to promote the absorption of iron, and so that our body absorb iron will be very efficient. However, dried dated contains abundant dietary fiber which is not good for digestion. So, we should not eat too much in a day, and the best way eat it is to make soup and porridge.

The food mentioned above not only can make you healthy, but also can help you have a healthy pink glow and look beautiful.