Four Of The Best Golf Drivers For Long, Powerful Tee Shots

An important skill in golf is making the controlled short distance shots and many of the frustrations for golfers can stem from these shots. Although people may stress out over a shot that falls just short of the flag it is the tee shot that sets you up for a good approach and so you need a good driver to ensure that you are left in a good position to make an easy shot on to the green or better yet, attack the flag.

What follows is a list of four of the best Golf Drivers available today from some of the biggest names in Golf. These clubs have been voted as top of the class by golf experts and players, each having unique feels and features that can help you hit that ball longer and more accurately towards the flag stick.

Callaway X460
This Callaway model comes recommended as one of the best drivers to choose as your first serious golf club purchase, after you have learnt the basics on a beginners set of clubs you’ll want to trade up to some more professional clubs to get better performance. The X460 has features that make them incredibly forgiving with off-centre shots as well as having a slightly closed club face to counteract the slice shot many golfers typically make.

Nike Sasquatch
With an odd name and striking yellow and grey colour the Nike club certainly stands out. True to its name the Sasquatch has a lot of power boosting features such as an oversized club head with a centre of gravity in the back of the club head to boost the launch angle and hopefully send your ball further; they even come with a “lucky” 13° angle club for ultimate loft in your tee shots. Again, forgiving features such as a club head made not to twist should help you hit with the centre of the club face every time.

Taylormade R7
Taylormade were one of the first club manufacturers to introduce variable weights in their club heads, where you can change the weight distribution in the club head with a series of removable weights. By doing this many golfers who have trouble with their swing can fix problems that they just can’t seem to shake. A variable weighted club is perfectly legal for use in competitions and is seen as one of the more innovative developments to golf clubs in recent years.

Ping G5
The Ping G5 is considered the Rolls Royce of golf drivers, it is made typically with the low handicap players in mind and has the ideal combination of power thanks to the maximum sized (460cc) club head as well as the right trajectory thanks to a high launch angle and low spin rate which all golfers aspire to. Ping also offers the club with a variety of different grips to suit any golfer’s hand.

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