Four Trends In 2009, Five Tv Market Characteristics – Color Tv, Lcd Tv – Household Appliances

by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Operation Monitoring and Coordination Bureau, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Electronic Information Division, the China Video Industry Association (CVIA) tripartite co-sponsored, Ovid Consulting (AVC) host the “2008 Economic Operation of China Electronic Information Industry Bulletin & China
Industry Annual Conference “on December 19, 2008 was successfully held in Beijing.

China Video Industry Association Linyuan Fang, vice president pointed out that the China Video Industry Association, according to the statistical prediction: China’s color TV production in 2008 will reach 89.32 million units, up 1.4% over 2007; exports will reach 50.15 million Taiwan, up 5.1%; export share of total output will reach 56.1%, compared to 2007 increased by 2 percentage points; the same time, China’s color TV industry to adjust product structure of the trend of flat to further clear: in 2008 total production
TV 45.4 million units, down -17.4%, the proportion of total color TV output from 62.4% in 2007 to 50.8%; production
40.9 million units, an increase of 29.6%; production of plasma TVs 2.984 million units, an increase of 119.4%;
Flat Panel TV
Production rose from 37.3% in 2007 to the current 49.1%.

Chinese color TV industry for the transition process, Lin, president of calls must be to deepen the restructuring of Chinese color TV industry, the need for transformation of meaning and consensus, he pointed out: color TV industry’s transition is accompanied by flat-panel technology, digital, network and interoperability the complexity of parallel systems engineering, color TV broadcast TV ratings from simple terminal into a multi-media, multi-functional information terminals, will become the “triple play”, “Three in One” one of the major carriers, as well as digital TV and the core of digital home devices, information technology for the development of countries, with the status of basic industries and strategic significance. If you do not take active and effective measures as soon as possible, the development of China’s color TV industry for 30 years formed 45% of the global industry’s processing capacity, 20% of own-brand share and has 15% to 20% share of the domestic market, will inevitably multinational companies are being eroded, so that accumulated over the years of market, technology, brand vain.

Lin, vice president pointed out, China’s color TV industry is in a strategic transformation of the critical period, facing the complex and volatile situation, should strengthen the innovation, the key issues facing a full understanding of high priority and adequate preparation and Response: First, the development of innovative thinking to be thinking beyond the traditional product competition, to meet the needs of a wide range of differences in the implementation strategy, the user needs to return to the core; second is to accelerate the implementation and operation industry, including manufacturing industries, including large chain strategies, build new industry chain and value system, to enhance the core competitiveness of the industry; Third, the establishment of intellectual property and standards Cha system to enhance the industry voice, the implementation of national intellectual property strategy, intellectual property rights within the required standards of market support industrialization and technological development; 4 is to explore the integration of the development of a new model to promote a harmonious and win-win industrial ecosystem, the network TV business to adapt to the economic development trend of the times, good and telecom operators, the development of radio and television operators model preparation and technical reserves; 5, the intensity of technical research, grasp the energy saving trends, new technologies break through a high degree of international market, China’s color TV industry to enhance the international competitiveness.

Release “Chinese 34
Home Appliances
Market White Paper “, help pull 100 billion domestic home appliances to the countryside

Ovid Consulting (AVC) on the same day published “White Paper on China’s 34 household appliance market,” said China 34 presents five characteristics of household appliances:

1. The overall scale of growth expected in 2009 the household appliances market grew 34 were higher than 12 markets, of which approximately 17.9 million color TV sets, growth rate of about 6%
Product refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners grew by 5 to 8%, while the kitchen and electrical products are expected to increase more than 5%.

2. Obvious utility driven appliances to the countryside, the countryside home appliances categories increase of washing machines and color TV, refrigerator prices

Have the adjustment cap, the region is to cover 12 provinces and municipalities BOLA TANGKAS