Fourth China (tianjin) International Meat Industry Exhibition – Additives – China Automated Pcb

International Meat Industry Exhibition Preparation time: 2008-10-25 Time: 2008-10-27 Closing time: 2008-10-29 Exhibition Venue: Tianjin Binhai International Convention & Exhibition Center

Organizer: China Food Industry Association of Food Industry Association, Tianjin Tianjin Packaging Technology Association
Co-organizers: China Food Industry Network Media Support: China Food Industry Net China Food Fair Network
Exhibition Category: Miscellaneous Food Show, food packaging / mechanical, meat / ingredients / equipment
Domestic / foreign: domestic Region: North China Of the province, city: Tianjin Exhibition Description: Exhibition Name: The Fourth China (Tianjin) International Meat Industry Exhibition

Preparation time :2008-10-25 ~ 2008-10-26 Show time :2008-10-27 ~ 2008-10-29 Dismantling time :2008-10-29 16:00 Founded: 2004 Region: Tianjin Exhibition Venue: Tianjin Binhai International Convention & Exhibition Center

Sponsored by: China Food Industry Association
Tianjin Food Industry Association Tianjin Packaging Technology Association Organizational units: Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd. Tianjin
Show Period: One year term Exhibition Description: Beachhead Bohai Sea – the future of the high ground meat industry

Food industry in the development of the Bohai Sea and the surrounding areas is very strong. By the end of 2006, the Shandong Province of food industrial enterprises above designated size reached 4785 to complete the food industry output value of 439.943 billion yuan. Accounting for 21.85% of food industry, product sales revenue achieved 424.486 billion yuan, accounting for 21.65%. Food industry, industrial output value, sales income highest in the country; scale food industry enterprises in Hebei Province near 1000, food industry sales revenue reached 104 billion yuan, ranked seventh by the food industry to the province province into the food industry; the first time in 2006 in the food industry with annual sales income of 150.96 billion yuan advance the national comprehensive strength of the first three, above-scale food enterprises 1799, the annual sales income of 195 million enterprise to form relatively complete system of modern industry.

Tianjin Tianjin meat industry is a pillar industry leading position in the country, and broad development prospects. With the Binhai New Area into the country in recent years, the overall planning and rapid economic development of the Bohai Sea, further boosting the Tianjin Bohai Sea region and the meat industry, meat industry has entered the new transition. In order to improve product quality, enhance food security, create a brand and for the production and processing technology equipment upgrades and technology projects to increase investment, has become the meat of Tianjin Bohai Sea region and the central task of enterprise development. Meat products and their production, processing technology and equipment market will be more prosperous.

Order to meet the Bohai strong food industry development through excellence in Tianjin location advantages and the strong radiation function organized by China (Tianjin) International Meat Industry Exhibition, will be a comprehensive display of your domestic and international meat industry advanced technology equipment and solutions.

Focus on coastal – the economic center of the meat industry event in North
2008 China (Tianjin) International Meat Industry Exhibition is the China Food Industry Association, Tianjin Food Industry Association, Management Committee of Tianjin Binhai New Area, jointly organized by international, professional and market positioning of the national event. Exhibition to further promote the Bohai Sea region and the rapid development of China’s meat industry, meat industry to meet rapidly growing demand for the purpose. Introduction of foreign advanced technology and the meat industry and accelerate the Tianjin Bohai Sea region and the upgrading of the meat industry.

Exhibits: poultry egg processing technology and products;
machinery and equipment: meat and poultry slaughter facilities, meat and egg processing equipment, packaging equipment, meat products, meat product inspection equipment, meat product sterilization, sanitation equipment, feed, forage machinery equipment;

logistics equipment and technology at low temperature: frozen and chilled meat products, equipment, terminal equipment sales of frozen storage, refrigerated transport equipment, meat products;

packaging materials;
additives, spices; BOLA TANGKAS