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Over the past year, many German Beer Brewing companies have introduced new flavors or new formulations of beer Wine . And beer Package , Not far behind, simultaneously launched a new label and bottle design, so that beer can be frozen more time.

According to scientific research shows that moderate drinking of beer on human health to be helpful, because the beer has anti-inflammatory properties, and can slow down human aging process. But according to insiders, the proportion of beer sales or from the average 55.5% in 2000 to 51.4% last year. According to poll, compared to a 36% chose beer, 39% of the respondents prefer to Wine Therefore, many large brewing company recognized that to attract and capture more consumers shift production of wine or other alcohol Beverages May be a good choice. To this end, in order to lose its market share back from the wine to the beer industry decided to target women and younger consumers, to suit their tastes of beer and packaging.

Product trends Recent beer industry’s sales growth came mainly from the area of special product or promotion of beer. If Anheuser-Busch’s new beer, with spring fever in Hong wheat, the beer has a special taste. Miller Brewing Company has been committed to introducing new products, and then show a different change of packaging.

Brewing plants in small, SamuelAdams company created a Chocolate And porter, the perfect fusion of two flavors of products. This limited edition beer 750 ml amber bottle with white wax on the mosaic effect of the label, the most suitable Valentine’s Day Or a specific holiday drink, elegant look of packaging effects of the beer has become stylish, expensive, a lot. In addition, people on health and the increasing emphasis on environmental awareness, a growing number of beer began to focus on organic products.

Another trend is the product miniaturization and low-calorie. Canada’s Molson Inc. on the launch of a 8-ounce called “ColdShot” beer. In short, the calculation of heat of any Diet Basis, whether through partial control, or the product restructuring. Heineken Beer Company (Heineken) has recently launched in the U.S. market, a light beer, new packaging to help its many products in the Heineken stand out tall and thin dotted on the bottle label is still fine silver, all outstanding of its “light” features.

And beer, people generally like cold beer, this beer manufacturers are also using new packaging technology to help consumers better beer experience Icy fun. In this packaging innovation, DuPont’s Cool2Go film packaging, using special techniques to suppress the film surface pressure in the aluminum cans thin layer of insulation to the hands of the beer and high temperature and external air separated.

Applications Coors Brewing Company introduced two new technologies, especially for bars and restaurants. First, wrapped in a layer of packaging beer bottles beer can away from heat, and shrink wrap the whole body bottle labels, labels coating with regional temperature control technology to ensure that the external environment of the heat isolation, extended ice beer Shuang time, the most effective means of direct isolation of the staff brought the heat.

Second, Coors company’s hand-blown glass container combo, by the middle and inner layer of air will separate. This greatly reduces heat transfer through the glass from the bottle to the bottom of the heat. Similarly, aluminum beer bottles also need the best cooling temperature, Anheuser-Busch unveiled a unique bottle, by the Pittsburgh Brewing Company in August 2004 of its beer products in a formal application. This limited edition 16-ounce aluminum beer bottle green, is to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (St.Patrick ‘sDay), aluminum bottles on the effect of printing with UV ink, in the bar or shelf display, are to give the product a different kind of fluorescent effect. BOLA TANGKAS