Free Astrology- Online Astrology Lesson- Sun

Free Astrology- Online Astrology Lesson- Sun

The sun is the main source of power in life. Where we find the sun is where we find our power. Just as the sun in the sky is the center of our solar system and the greatest power, the sun in our astrology chart is where we find our

greatest power.But it’s also where we may tend to lose our true power, which is internal, to the outside world. When this happens, rather than being a source of light and radiance, like the sun in the sky gives light to the all the

reatures of Earth, we wind up stealing other people’s power in order to feel illuminated from outside.

As with everything in life, we’re all trying to get to know our true selves internally, and that’s the source of the sun within, that radiant power of divine light that is your sole anchor and support. Just like the sun in the sky is the sole

nchor for the support of life on Earth. If the sun stopped shining, everything would be dead immediately. As shown through your astrology chart, the sun is that connection to your vitality and strength, and when you activate the sun,

you can easily be seduced by power. So we look at the sun to see how a person would respond to power, how they express their power, whether or not they abuse the power and things of this nature.

We have to take our lesson from the sun in the sky, and rather than take other’s power, we have to give power, just like a king. A good king empowers the kingdom so that everyone can flourish. Whereas a bad king keeps all the

wealth to himself and makes the others suffer. So the evolutionary process of the sun is where we burn off the impurities of our limited existence to the mind and body and orient it towards the truthful radiant stuff of the soul. When

we mistake our limited life through the mind and body to be our full power and potential, then we suffer and we start to dominate others. This is the lesson of the sun. BOLA TANGKAS