Freedom and the Entrepreneurial Spirit Are Inseparable

The entrepreneurial spirit that was formed in dissatisfaction with the tyranny and control found in England over 200 years ago, spurred on by a people driven to find their way in a hostile world. This spirit lives on today, and is still under attack by those who seek fairness and sameness. Freedom is the underlying brick in the wall forming the base and the sure footed ground for the entrepreneur. The two ideas are inseparable and cannot exist apart from each other.

It is interesting to realize that some of the greatest companies in the world, such Microsoft, Ford Motor Co., and Coca Cola, were born out of a deep desire and yearning for freedom. These companies were not born out of a good idea or product, but out of freedom. The good idea or product is the vehicle to live out this desire to change the world and make a difference, finding significance by making life’s circumstances better for themselves and others. The entrepreneur, at his core, is dissatisfied with the norm, the expected behavior to just go along and be an institutional unit that is merely seen a taxable unit that provides time and work in exchange. This dissatisfaction occurs in the entrepreneur’s thoughts as well as his emotions. The freedom growing and taking form in their core existence, elicits an emotional response so strong and powerful, it forces a move, a change in direction and destiny. The entrepreneur is the most powerful force on earth, driven by a desire to create, work, build, expand, serve, and give.

Freedom, the engine driving the entrepreneur spirit, is forced to a creative process that cannot be held back or down, by legislation, by inferior ideologies, or powerful men. It is truly an unstoppable force. The creative process, which forms ideas, inventions, and ideologies that last, is a direct challenge to sameness. Sameness removes all distinctiveness, seeking uniformity of purpose and appearance. Modern housing developments build the same home a hundred or even a thousand times. Auto makers across the spectrum, seem to be closely aligned because the manufactured cars seem to offer very similar appearance, features, and price. The innovative auto products are found in the smaller entrepreneurial manufacturers that fight the trend of sameness. The creative entrepreneur changes the future, simply by sending a subtle insult to the sameness trend. Freedom drives the entrepreneur to create a better future.

A better future and hope that exists as we look forward to what can be, rather than what has been, depends upon the commitment to the virtue of work. Looking forward is fine. Having good ideas and a desire to improve things is great. But without a work ethic, none of it really matters. The true entrepreneur is hard worker, waking each day with positive outlook for that very day, as well as the next week, month, or year. Because the entrepreneur is creative, driven by freedom, he wakes wanting work, not as slave to a job that pays you for your time, but as a free man choosing to extend effort towards his goals. Many who have the entrepreneurial spirit, lack this basic quality, never really impacting there world. Deep confusion follows this person all the days of his life, He would be described by most, as a man full of ideas, as positive man, probably well liked by all, but he just could not seem to get anything completed. Freedom drives the entrepreneur to create, and work completes the process. It is that simple.

Lastly, we must look at the results. Results matter. What is the result of the entrepreneur creating, working and accomplishing? Some would describe the entrepreneur as selfish and arrogant, wanting to be noticed, or seeking wealth rather than serving the needs of others. The truth is, a true free man, not only seeks to establish freedom in his or her life, they are driven to establish this for all. A true entrepreneur is creating products, services and ideas that are improving all areas of our lives. They do benefit from their efforts, no doubt, but their efforts infuse this world with the energy, convenience, and much more. The entrepreneur becomes the thermostat. He affects the temperature of every room he enters. He does not sit there quietly accepting things as the way they will always be. He always sees something better, something new, not because he wants more, but because he cares. The entrepreneur wants to improve life and make things better. The entrepreneur is not selfish, but they are the greatest givers in all of history.

If you wake in the morning with dissatisfaction, dreaming of a different life, you need to evaluate what you are doing and how you can change your life. Please be encouraged to begin today the process of breaking free from sameness, from the lack of significance, seeking the creative life that you have always desired. It was planted in you centuries ago by those who have gone before us, establishing freedom and foundations that live on even today. The truth be told, those things born out of the entrepreneurial spirit live forever and have lasting impact. Be encouraged, you are able to accomplish far beyond even your current imaginings, and you can change the world.