Freedom of payment with Pay as you Go mobile phones

The demand for mobile phones is on ever rise and everyone is looking for ways to get the latest smartphones at cheapest possible rates. The deals provided by the top UK networks like Vodafone, Virgin, T mobile, Three, Talk mobile, O2 and Orange, on the mobile phones, helps you to get the hi – tech phones at affordable rates. There are three types of deals under which the mobile phones can be bought, namely contract, Pay as you Go and SIM free deals.

The contract and Pay as you go phones offer locked phones, which can be used with only one network, the one which provides the deal. If you want to switch over to another network, then you will have to buy a new deal with a new phone. Although both contract as well as Pay as you Go mobile phones are locked phones, they are different from each other. The contract phones, as the name suggests, requires you to sign a contract with the service provider, which states that till the term of the contract expires, you will stick to the same network. This term varies from 6 – 24 months.

During this period, you have to pay a fixed amount, monthly, to the service provider. This charge remains the same even of you are not using much of the services. In Pay as yo go mobile phones, you are saved of these monthly payments. You have to pay according to the services used by you. This payment can be made at the end of the month or else you can have it deducted directly from your balance. Top ups of fixed amounts can also be done on your phone account for service usage. The SIM free deals are unlocked phones, on which you can use the SIM of any network. All these deals are better than the other and hence it is advisable to compare all the schemes before you settle on one.