Freedom Surfaces When We Let Go of Our Resistance to the Way Things Are

Resistance is a conflict between one emotion and another. You want that feeling you get when you win and you seek to avoid the experience of losing. Have you ever not done something because you spoke too early and you couldn’t change your position because of your stubbornness or maybe didn’t want to look bad in front of your friends? You know, your assessment of the situation is different than you thought but you continue to hold your position even though you know you may be wrong. We learn to resist certain people and come to assume that everything they say must be doubted. They were wrong before why should I trust them now?

What are we resisting when we are resisting? It is our emotions. And when we do, we do not recognize it as gripping tightly to the emotions we are experiencing. There is little awareness that that is what we are doing. We resist most emotions and are unwilling to release them. Picture the person ready to leap out on his first parachute attempt. As he grips to the overhead bar he needs to pump up his courage to let go. There is an emotion of fear that if it was not present at all, he would jump freely. This example is logical and easily understood but there are far more subtle resisted emotions.

Consider your friend who might think of herself as otherwise brilliant but has come to believe she is not good enough or deserving enough to be happy. Every belief you have even the most subtle conclusions you made about yourself, others and life in general, are attracted so to speak by an emotion. It is what holds the belief in place. The question is why? The law of attraction clearly shows that energy precedes everything. Thoughts, rather small ‘things’ are a kind of reflection in the physical world of the present moment. The present moment which you seem to be experiencing is like a light bulb shining brightly and as long as it is on. It can only be noticed in the present moment; because that is the only time you can experience the light being on.

When the energy is not moving into the vortex of now, energy intersecting with the observer, there is no light. The only evidence that light exists is in the present. Your emotions are like the energy and they are given rise by your intent. Our emotions range at the higher end, happiness, joy and bliss, to the lower vibrations of despair, hopelessness and powerlessness. The cells in your body are healthy when they experience no resistance to their natural expansion, where they are free. This is the reason happiness and joy is the optimal conditions for success.

Life is a process in a vibrational universe always moving in the direction of least resistance, towards that which we give our attention to. Our natural instinct is to exist, hence we seek better feelings. We desire more freedom. We seek pleasure because it is a better feeling, no resistance to expansion. When we resist or are in a resisting mode, we are focused away from happiness and freedom. What we give attention, we move towards because in that instant it is the path of least resistance.

This is the great gift of freedom of will and freedom to seek happiness and joy. Everyone possesses the power to deliberately choose in any moment the thoughts they have. Everyone can choose to think better feeling thoughts about anything and everything. No one is bound unless they believe it to be so. Limiting beliefs passed along in life seek like feeling thoughts, but everyone has the freedom to deliberately look for better and happier feeling thoughts, a choice that belongs to everyone.

We mistakenly learned very early on, that things outside of us are what make us happy and of course sad as well. Indeed the full range of emotions has been decided along these lines and has been concluded and passed down one generation to the next. There are even those who teach that we are unworthy to experience too much happiness. And that we should resist those who preach otherwise.

If one were to have a recording of all the things they dwelled on in their thoughts each day they’d be shocked at how many different items come up. If you were able to record the emotional vibrations you could see what the average reading was, including which low scaled emotions dominated your day.
That resistant thinking on a daily basis takes a toll on your vitality and health.

When we begin to notice the things we are emotionally resisting we can begin to recognize the emotions that are present. And if those emotions are tied to limiting beliefs we can consciously choose to release them. There are no emotions to change, just simply the will to release the grip we have on them. The slowness of getting good at anything is emotional resistance. The emotional resistance to failing slows the move towards success. One doesn’t succeed by avoiding failure; they must simply focus on the feeling of success.

By reaching for better feeling thoughts you will notice immediate change in your experience. There is a tremendous goldmine of value here as it reaches to every area of ones life. Have fun in the inquiry. In this moment life begins a process towards exciting change.