Fridge Locker

The Fridge Locker commercial was hilarious and the scene in Pitchmen showing the bear trying to break into the thing was an instant classic. I immediately thought this would become one of the most popular late night infomercials ever but only because I thought it silly, not because I thought it might actually work. I wondered who actually needed the product.

It dawned on me the next day at work that I was someone who needed it and there were probably a lot of others out there in the same situation.  My issue is this.  I work in a large office and as a group, the employees order food from Costco to be delivered to the office each month.  It’s great to have a stockpile of snacks and drinks at work and it definitely saves money doing the bulk thing.  However, without fail, most of my sodas and fruit gets gobbled up by my coworkers. I never complain about it but others certainly do. It never occurred to me to have some type of food locker in the refrigerator to protect my food.  Luckily, the inventors of the Fridge Locker did.

So I ended up ordering the Fridge Locker because I could not find it in stores. I’m not much for buying things without actually holding it my hands first, but I took the risk because I knew having this in the office would be a lot of fun. I paid $ 19.99 plus shipping & handling.  In total my order for two fridge lockers came to $ 34.97. I certainly don’t need two of them because believe it or not, one of them holds plenty of food.

When the fridge locker arrived I put it together in about five minutes.  It came with 3 identical sides, a front gate and rear wall, a bunch of plastic clip inserts and a clip tool.  The instructions were relatively simple and easy to follow. This was the first time in my life I ever bought a product that came with spare parts in case you lose some. I was very impressed by that and wanted to mention it. I had four clips left over and the extras were noted in the instructions.

Once I had gotten it together I really wanted to put it to the test and see how sturdy it was. I tugged on it and even pulled on the sides it was surprisingly sturdy.  The only weakness may be the gate because by definition the gate swings and the pegs where the gate connects with the sides might be vulnerable.  But stealing food is a crime of opportunity and the Fridge Locker removes the opportunity so it is definitely strong enough to do the job.

There was some question as to if it would be too large for the standard fridge, or be to small to hold a significant amount of food.  I have to say that both of these issues were answered to my satisfaction. The fridge locker is designed to take up as little space possible in a standard size refrigerator and there is really no problem. I gotta believe my office refrigerator is slightly smaller than standard but this thing takes up no extra room.  It probably saves room because once it’s loaded everything seems a bit more organized.

So the funny thing here is that the As Seen On TV product that I thought might be the dumbest one ever just may turn out to be my favorite of all time. Everyone in the off talking about this thing and I know they are telling their friends because it makes for a cute story.  This could be the wow factor which is usually needed to propel products like this to national attention.  We shall see what becomes of the Fridge Locker but there is no denying this is a great product.