Fukuda Technology Leading Cause Of Functional Sugar To Promote Industrial Upgrading

In the 14th China International Food Ingredients Exhibition, Chinese Food Ingredients Association, China Fermentation Industry Association, and other units and Fukuda Technology Group, organized a “functional application of sugar alcohol and health forum. China Food Additives and Ingredients Association In particular, the new honorary chairman, China Starch Industry Association Professional Committee of sugar alcohols such as director Jin Shuren experts sugar alcohols on the function and development prospects of new technologies to do in-depth discussion.

Reporters also learned of the new features forum some of the latest trends in sugar alcohols, especially xylitol as the father of a new professor in particular, pointed out: the world’s largest consumption of functional ingredients are sugar alcohols, sugar alcohols, therefore functional ingredients in the world has very open space for development.

Fukuda technology in long-term and effective development process, the Group has been constantly increasing R & D investment, continued application of technology content, combine academic Research and Production, with many domestic famous universities and colleges to actively carry out experiments, in functional development of the sugar alcohol made fruitful results.

Mother liquor by xylose raw materials, through microbiological and simulated moving bed chromatography, purification, crystallization process routes produced by the L-arabinose is the production of R & D, Futian a major breakthrough in technology, but the technology is currently the production of L-arabinose Best of the process.

Well-known L-arabinose is a low-calorie sweeteners, heat and acid stability of its high solubility slightly lower than sucrose, sucrose in the application will not affect the inherent flavor, so L-arabinose in the kinds of processed foods, dietary supplements and health products to use, very optimistic about the prospects. But the extraction difficult. Main reason: the complexity of the production cost is too high, not mass production. Fukuda technology has overcome this innovative production of L-arabinose technology problems, and create a L-arabinose production of a new era.

According to the “Eleventh Five-Year” food industry trends, future direction of Chinese food market convenient and efficient technology; nutrition, health care technology; diversity, functional, safety-oriented direction, consumer grade will be gradually increased, consumption who will show a diversification of demand.

Meanwhile, with growing emphasis on healthy eating, because of its dual function of sugar bacteria proliferation, low energy or zero-energy, low dental caries and so many health, nutrition, functional and more and more people are valued and accepted.

Although the function of sugar market in China is still in the early stages of development, functional features of sugar products on the market, compared with foreign brands are still relatively simple, but generally speaking, China’s large population, high demand, people’s material living standards improve the quality of life brought about the need, so we looking forward, looking forward to functional sugar market space in the next show explosive growth, functional sugar foods can be approached thousands of households.

As the industry leader in the Futian Technology Group, said that in the next 5 years of development planning, will take a variety of effective measures, leading the new trend of functional sugar alcohol, and promote industrial upgrading. BOLA TANGKAS