Fun With Beginner Cameras and Warping

You can have a lot of fun with a simple digital camera and a photo enhancement program with a warp feature. Most photo programs will have a feature that lets you warp your picture. You can get free trial versions of the most popular programs and try then to see which one you prefer.

One of the warp features lets you pull part of the picture to make it larger. It is funny when used on men with very large tummies. You can also get a laugh from spectacles, large noses and teeth. If you distort the photo enough to make it unrealistic but not so far that you cannot recognise the subject it is both effective and amusing.

I have a picture of a horse that has had the warp treatment. The horse appears to have huge teeth. I did not warp it very much so the rest of the horse is in proper proportion. Sometimes subtle is more effective than going to extremes.

Children love to warp pictures. They usually end up going too far and you cannot tell what the original subject was but occasionally they come up with something that works well. It is great to see them having fun with the pictures and it teaches them how to use the programs on the computer. They also eventually learn what is effective in a picture and what is not.

The warp feature is a lot of fun and you can come up with some interesting compositions. There are other features in photo enhancement programs you may want to play around with, too. You can make your photograph look like an oil painting or a mosaic. You should take the time to investigate the options available. A little bit of imagination and a little time and you can have your own works of art?