Functional Foods And Beverages In The U.s., 4th Edition

Functional Foods and Beverages in the U.S., 4th Edition

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Functional foodsdefined here as food and beverage products that offer a distinct health advantage beyond basic nutrition by including specific ingredients whose therapeutic benefits provide a primary market positioningcontinue as a key food industry driver due to greatly ramped up product development and marketing. Although the economic recession may prohibit some consumers from purchasing higher-priced specialty items, functional foods can actually save consumers money in the short term by pumping up basic food items with ingredients shoppers would otherwise have to get in the form of more expensive nutritional supplements. Additionally, whereas in the past consumers were primarily reactive, trying to treat health problems after they arise, today they are more proactive, focusing on overall wellness and turning grocery aisles into hunting grounds for healthful, functional foods to prevent illness and chronic conditions.

This fully updated fourth-edition report examines the U.S. market for functional foods and beverages from all angles while providing insight into key international markets, identifying global trends in new product introductions by geographic region and company and exploring developing markets poised for growth. For the U.S. market, it presents retail sales breakouts of food and beverage categories with a strong functional tilt, from yogurt to food/snack bars to cranberry juice; examines market drivers and trends; and maps out the overall competitive situation. Trends in new product introductions are examined in depth, based on data from Datamonitors Product Launch Analytics, as are trends in functional ingredients and condition-specific product thrusts. The report also profiles major marketers, including Groupe Danone, Kellogg Co., Kraft Foods, Nestl SA, PepsiCo and Natures Path Organic.

An exclusive feature of Functional Foods and Beverages in the U.S., 4th Edition is custom survey data February 2009 online poll of 2,600 U.S. adults, which was conducted to measure purchasing patterns, attitudes and demographics specific to functional foods and beverages. Drilling down to the marketer and brand level, the analysis also relies on consumer survey data from Experian Simmons Fall 2008 National Consumer Study, and on Information Resources, Inc. InfoScan Review data charting product sales in mass-market channels.

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