Fundamental Understanding of A Web Site


What is a web site? The popular reply is a linked group of web pages on the world wide web, consisting of files that are organized into a hierarchy. Every file/document could  consist of a combination of graphics, text, audio video and other active or stationary resources. A website is most commonly used as  an  instrument for communication between a business and customer or business and business. They could often be linked by utilizing a search engine or typing in the address of the website or domain name into an internet browse.


56% of businesses surveyed identified that they had already recovered their investment in e-business, with 22% of businesses that have recovered their investment achieving a greater than 50 percent return on that investment.


In July 2003 some 49% of all small to medium enterprises indicated a potential to use e-commerce to sell their products.


What are the benefits? A website is a dynamic and cost effective way to reach new and existing customers, on a local, national or global scale.


A carefully constructed website, like those developed by Able Net Design, can attract the right users and may thus establish the following benefits.


Visual Display – Showcase of products services to likely customers
Sales – Bring forth additional recenue and greater awareness
Information – Supply further information to new and existing customers
Ehanced service – By providing a further contact method for customers


Other great facts 68% of all small to medium enterprises surveyed indicated that their expectations for all e-commerce have been met.


32% of all small businesses and 63% of medium businesses surveyed, use the internet for receiving payment.


45% of small and 64% of medium businesses surveyed use the internet to make purchases.


44% of small and 84% of medium businesses surveyed have a web site.


82% of small to medium enterprises surveyed who are connected to the internet search for information regularly.


93% of internet-connected small to medium enterprises surveyed use email as a form of communication.


81% of small and 98% of medium businesses surveyed are connected to the internet.