Funny is a smile or laugh in the face of all human beings.

Saying something in a funny way, make an action in a funny way that viewers laugh or smile, tell a story in a funny way, talking to someone in a funny way, jokes in a funny way, riddles and poems in a funny way of explaining or painted a poster or picture in a funny way, creating a story or video or movies in a funny way some fun characters , funny pictures or cartoons all come under the theme funny.

Jokes are funny related topics or actions or any kind of conversations related fun on anything. We can find thousands of jokes in normal life. Any subject, history, mystery, poetry, photos, albums, games, videos and images all will come under the category of funny jokes. Sometimes people with more innocence or smarter because jokes. Even some children of both actions will also give pleasure and are conversated by seniors as jokes funny. Funny jokes cover all topics the young to the elder; clean to dirty on professionals such as doctors, lawyers, men, women and sometimes even stupid people too.

Funny videos will come in the categories of humorous videos. Fun times with fun or entertainment, cartoons Fun, Funny or funny characters actions, jokes or funny pictures that people will create or run and play all in the Internet environment or in theaters or in public performances will be subject to funny videos category. Funny videos are a set of actions related fun, jokes, stories or dramas, soap operas with the fun theme that gives pleasure to people who watch and fun or humor.

By using 2-D or 3-Dimensional methods with graphic designs made with a touch of humor and fun with the theme of an artist or developer image on the computer or by hand drawings results in funny pictures. Most of the mathematical techniques will be used to create these funny pictures. The artists create many colors with graphics and math techniques. The images created will be displayed with highly visual effects in the Internet, posters, albums, and theaters or art galleries gain much popularity. In recent years, 3D images are also created fun with good lighting and graphic effects.