Funny People – Their Role and Characteristics in the Society

Funny people are always liked, everywhere in the world. They play major role in the relaxed phase during the time of war or anonymity . Although they look like crazy people, however; they can produce laughter and spread smiles on the face easily. Although, the mood of every individual is different from the other, however; with the tactics of funny people, no one remains without laughing.
These people are divided into two groups. First group people, who make others to laugh by their insane deeds. The best examples of this category are Mr. Bean and Charlie Chaplin. These are the famous characters, which are liked by the individuals very much. They don’t utter any word from their mouth, and these are their deeds, which make them others to laugh. Many popular shows are telecasted on the television. When the episodes of their serials run on any channel, people leave their chores and start to watch them with a lot of interest.

The people who make others to laugh by means of their words, are the second category people. To spread smiles in the faces of the people is their main goal. There are several examples of the funny people who belong to this category. If we compare these two categories, first category people are the most popular people. To make fun and to make others to laugh is a natural instinct and God gifted property. Every individual could not have these characteristic. The funny people create pleasurable environment, and use their property in order to earn their livings. On behalf their art and expertise, there are many funny people who acted in different films. A good example is Jim Carrey, who plays the role of a comedian in films.

The directors use funny people in order to increase their business. Since they are aware with this reality that, these are the characters, which are liked very much by the people, and taking them in any film provides the guarantee, that it would make a huge business. These funny people have good memory power and excellent sense of humor. Easily they can crack hundreds of jokes and make the audience to entertain. Whenever they conduct the program, they are the centre of attraction. Nobody could ignore them, since these are the people who are searched by the audience in any program. Some funny people are popular on international level. To conduct the programs they travel one country to another. The world will remain incomplete, if the funny people don’t perform and spread their entertainment. BOLA TANGKAS