Fuzhou Slaughtering And Clenbuterol Control The Forefront In The Nation – Magnetic Particle Testing

Evaluation of food safety project in Fujian Province will set our city governance “table pollution” construction “of food safety project,” the work of 3-day evaluation. At the same time, the city food safety project evaluation group will also have the county (city) area, “food safety project,” the implementation of a comprehensive evaluation.
3 ~ 7 days this month, the National Food Safety Project Evaluation Group at the end of the city “of food safety project,” the assessment, highly praised the city in the slaughtering and “CL” control in the nation.
Si Zairou defeated Rongcheng
The latest statistics show that in November the urban daily slaughtering capacity of 1737 pigs, an increase of 30.8%. In 1999, the urban Slaughter daily average volume of only 998, less than 60% of people’s actual demand.
Back in 1998, the city adopted a management approach Slaughter, but the Si Zairou despite repeated prohibitions. On the one hand because the difference slaughtering meat and Si Zairou large lawless hesitate “to defy the law”; the other hand, the meat market management operation system should be improved.
July 2004, the municipal government made the situation based on the actual management of the decision, that is, “Si Zairou local management responsibility.” Responsibility of the Government and the municipal districts form signed, to crack down Sizai dens and meat management efforts.
October 1, 2004 start, owners of the city to implement the responsibility system, the market owners to check the market every day, “Si Zairou” situation; the same market are found to be within one month of sales have not failed the inspection and quarantine inspection and quarantine of animal products or , for the first time the city notified the municipal finance directly from the second district funds or financial related departments directly under office expenses deducted from 30,000 yuan.
With the constant improvement of management system and law enforcement continued to increase, the current Si Zairou Rongcheng basically out of the market.
Not on the table by App
Last year, the city began to address the problem by App. But at that time the law did not amount zoonotic cases or criminal less than 5 million, the public security departments shall not intervene in cases of sales by App. There is no legal protection, law enforcement seized up dead meat, low-cost criminal offenders, case sales by App endless.
Problems caused by App municipal government attaches great importance. September 9 this year, the official implementation of the “city of disposal of dead animals,” the fourth also watching how clear requirements, the public security organs to assist the dead animal disposal management.
Prohibit the sale of dead meat, then meat, what to do with these? To this end, the city government allocated 1.18 million yuan special funds for the annual aquaculture production reached 10 000 live pigs for more than 31 free base configuration directly under control pigs burning furnace dead pig; on the other 54-year yield up to 5,000 breeding pigs more than necessary farm configuration, the municipal agriculture department of the subsidies given to 10,000 yuan.
Suppress clenbuterol
City in April 2001 the first in China for clenbuterol residue detection and monitoring of live pigs, pig CL-round start disabling monitoring work, then the realization of testing instruments, laboratory environment, testing personnel, testing methods were in place. At that time, the country no clenbuterol residues in national standards and local standards, the city issued “on the prohibition of production and sales of Fuzhou and the use of clenbuterol management approach.”
Eliminate the source implementation of the monitoring from clenbuterol. The implementation of slaughtering pigs in our city, “access” system, that is, all the pigs into the animals Slaughter must have “for compliance certification of clenbuterol residues”, and only 2 by clenbuterol residues in pig farms were to hold the proof.
At the same time, access to livestock Slaughter pigs per vehicle for clenbuterol residues in urine samples also. Once the identification number of pigs in two failed, the entire batch of pigs will be destroyed.
After years of hard work, city clenbuterol residues in the positive rate decreased from 76.6% in 2001 to 0.1% in 2005. South China Agricultural University in the Department of Agriculture commissioned the Centre for Agricultural Safety testing of clenbuterol residues in the cities of sampling in 3 consecutive years the city ranked first in pass rate.
Promote the brand meat
City Zengzhi Qing, deputy director of TDC, told reporters that the focus of the next phase of work will be transferred to the city to promote the brand of meat up. At present, Shandong “Gold gong” cold meat, Anhui “Friend” cold meat and Xiamen “Yinxiang” cold meat has entered the market in Fuzhou.
“With Fuzhou local ‘Rong Fu’, ‘Tim Hong’, ‘good Min Sheng’ brands, brand pork Fuzhou occupied 20% of the market.” Zeng Zhiqing said, “if people eat meat slaughtering meat solution ease the problem, clenbuterol control security problems to solve people eat meat, then promote the brand of meat people eat meat that is satisfactory to resolve the problem. ” BOLA TANGKAS