FZ1200R33KF2C- A Sturdy IGBT For Motor Control

If you make a decision to use FZ1200R33KF2C in your traction and industrial applications, you do not have to worry about functionality and reliability. FZ1200R33KF2C is a 3300V/1200A IHV 190mm single switch IGBT diode-inverter with IGBT2. Its weight is 8.82 lbs. It is a switch that is used in order to allow energy flow in the on state and to stop energy flow when it is in the off state. It works by applying voltage to a semiconductor component, for that reason altering its properties to block or produce an electrical path. You will be more than happy with its construct top quality. The module is really sturdy and extremely dependable. It is manufactured by Infineon Technologies AG, a prominent semiconductor supplier from Germany. Infineon is popular for their sophisticated item lineup, which addresses 3 central challenges to the modern society: energy efficiency, mobility, and safety. Eupec is the preceding name of Infineon Technologies.

FZ1200R33KF2C characteristics high energy consistency for compact inverter models. Its housing is standardized also. It is an IGBT device that combines the voltage qualities of a biopolar transistor (collector – emitter) and the drive traits of a MOSFET. The target applications of FZ1200R33KF2C are Motor Manage and Drives, Railway Traction, Wind Power Systems, Commercial, Agriculture and Construction Autos (CAV) and so on.

In today’s competitive &amp dynamic atmosphere, there is a continuous stress to find new methods to improve energy efficiency, mobility and safety in all motor control applications. At the same time, software’s progressively essential part in systems directly contributes to their complexity and increases expenses. Today’s motors are increasingly driven by means of electronic controls, which supply greater handle of speed, position, and torque, as effectively as a lot much better efficiency, rather than via direct connection to their supply of energy (regardless of whether AC or DC). To do this, the motor-control circuit should switch the present flow to the motor’s coils on and off rapidly, with minimal switching-time or conduction-period losses in the switch itself. That is exactly where FZ1200R33KF2C is employed. This semiconductor device serves the wants of motor drive and power control. This electrically controllable switch controls the current flow path to two or a lot more motor coils. This enables full manage of the motor speed and direction. FZ1200R33KF2C is such a module which is extensively employed in distinct machineries and apparatuses.

A hybrid vehicle program consists of an electric motor, a battery and an inverter. An electric energy conversion system is required to supply electrical power from the battery to the motor, and to shop power generated by the motor in the battery. The inverter is used as that power conversion system FZ1200R33KF2C is one particular of the most common modules to use as the major switching device in this electric energy conversion system.

There are some particular motor control applications which FZ1200R33KF2C are most suitable for. These are brushed DC motor, brushless DC motor, induction motor, servo motor, stepper motor, switched reluctance motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor, Industrial automation etc.

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