Gallas had an accident and fortunately no serious problem in France hope their generals back in time

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France defender William Gallas is the main waiting for the return from injury, but on Sunday, which even with his teammates in the parking lot drag racing and accidents, Fortunately, the accident only to Gallas injury left arm, and will not affect his World Cup adventure.

Because of a calf injury, Gallas missed the Arsenal game end of last season, but Domenech is still recruited him into the squad of 24, and most likely took him to South Africa World Cup, after all, this French team also need the name of veteran experience and good progress in the recovery of Bengal, but is unlikely to participate in Wednesday’s warm-up match between France and Costa Rica, as Domenech did not want to take risks.

Domenech said: “Gala is a full recovery is uncertain, we can be optimistic about his training, but if the last game is another matter, we do not know whether he played for Costa Rica, and now he’s injured area have been hurt, but we must be careful to help, we want him ready for the World Cup. “

It appears that Domenech has decided to Caracas to the World Cup, but yesterday in the parking lot of the French training base, playful spirit and team-mate William Gallas has started a small racing game, eventually leading foreign media reports Gallas’s car overturned and in other people’s help, William Gallas before drilling out, but after checking, Gallas is only slightly injured his left arm and will not affect his World Cup adventure.

The same effect is very looking forward to Arsenal’s William Gallas Clichy back in time: “William is a key member on the defense, we need him, and I’m sure he can take part in the World Cup, he has fully recovered and is with us training, I know him, he is very strong, he will not give up, he will start with us. “

Squee Rudge said: “I see the situation from the point of view, his body has been very healthy, he will be with us until the end.” Well, Domenech should be reduced to 24 final squad 23 certainly have to consider other people, back and forward in Pula Yunus Sidney Govou and Djibril Cisse are likely to defeat at the last minute.