Gaming Notebook – Not For Vegas, Baby!

Did you say gaming book? Or was that your new book on Vegas? Neither, the Gaming Notebook is gaining strength in the PC video gaming industry and we aint talking Vegas. These mobile rigs are catching up in power and speed to PC desktops. Notebooks are not just for business anymore. With recent improvements in technologies like heat dissipation and notebook power supplies, you are seeing some amazing notebooks hitting the market. Imagine that, just in time for the holidays and I aint talking Halloween.

What happened to cause such a jump in notebook gaming? What has occurred this last year has really opened the envelope. Graphic card manufacturers have announced some very fast and slick video cards for notebooks. Not an easy engineering task. Processor manufacturers have really pushed the speeds and cooling on their chips. Power supply manufacturers have greatly improved on their notebook power supplies. More power at nearly the same price without dimming the lights when you plug it in. Motherboard manufacturers have improved power distribution on the board. Peripherals such as disk and optical drives now draw less power. Their energy management systems have helped greatly in drawing down on power. Overall, the architecture of notebooks has been redefined to allow for the faster and hotter gaming components. And can they play those complex games? OHH Yeaaa baby! Bring them on! These new gaming notebooks are amazing. The larger high def screens are incredible. The sound is awesome especially with some good quality headphones. Turn these mobile rigs on, put on the headphones and then get ready to be blown away. What a way to tune out the world.

And it is not going to stop anytime soon. The graphic card manufacturers have plans on the board for bigger and faster graphic cards with possibly new technology. No, they havent shot down any alien spacecraft and reverse engineered anything. Well, I not real sure about that but I could be wrong. Lets move on. The processor companies are moving forward with bigger and faster processors. I am not sure here about alien technology being reversed engineered because I know for a fact a certain chip company does have a rather large plant in New Mexico. There I go, being paranoid again but then again the buildings are big enough to house some rather large spacecraft and not to mention possible underground facilities that could stretch for miles, maybe all the way to Roswell? Yeah but how do you feed aliens and make them work for you? I guess you could promise them a job in the United Nations or the Presidency of the United States! But lets not go there because I am afraid they may come pick me up. Just kidding Mr. Black Ops guys.

Getting back to gaming reality, gaming notebooks have come a long way and they will continue on the upward path of technology. Technology will advance; engineers will develop new methods and processes to increase power, speed and performance. New thought processes and worldwide collaborations will spring up. All done with human ingenuity not alien. However, when you are on your way to Vegas Baby with your gaming book that happens to reside on your gaming notebook and look over your shoulder at that black ops helicopter following you, they aint there for that alien body you hid in the trunk, they want that alien processor chip that was accidentally installed in your Gaming Notebook by mistake! Play well a may you never be followed.


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