Garage Doors – 4 Ways to Keep Safety First

No one really thinks about how safe their garage door is when moving their car in and out. However, accidents do happen, so it’s vital to operate your structure as safely as possible.

Trying to get to your car while fighting off elements like rain, snow and the cold can be difficult. That’s why having a carport, or garage, attached to your home is very convenient. You can pull your car inside and avoid having to deal with some of the harshest weather. Garage doors can come with remotes, so you can get in and out at the click of a button. However, it’s important to keep a few safety ideas in mind when installing and operating this moving structure.

Be caution throughout the installation process While it may seem like a relative simple task, there’s a lot involved when it comes to putting up garage doors, so you don’t want to take chances. It’s vital that you pull the manual out and read it from cover to cover. Being good with your hands is not enough if you want to feel at ease with the process. In addition, if you’re someone that always puts things together, but ends up with extra pieces that were not used, then you may want to leave your installation to a professional. That’s because safety is the most important thing and if you leave out a crucial part or screw, the consequences could be enormous.

Furthermore, whether you do it or have a professional do it, make sure the project isn’t rushed. Instead of starting and stopping, you should allow for enough time to complete the job. If you call an expert, be sure they aren’t pressed for time. Lastly, give the moving structure a few test runs to make sure everything is working properly before giving it the green light for use.

Always double check springs Even with the best installation, over time, parts begin to show signs of wear. Springs can get old and if not checked and replaced on a regular basis, they could cause an accident or serious injury. Springs on garage doors are under tension. If one is broken, this could send the structure down too fast, and could damage a vehicle, harm a child and more. Sometimes, a spring may not need to be replaced, but only needs adjusting. However, if you’re not sure, call a professional to be on the safe side because ignoring a bad spring can cause other parts on the door, such as rollers and hinges, to wear down faster or even become damaged.

Don’t forget the children Although you know garage doors are not toys, kids may be a bit confused about the issue. That’s because they see this “magic” structure move up and down at the push of a button. Although many structures have safety sensors that stop the structure if something moves in front of it, it’s still important to remember safety if you have kids. With older kids, you can explain the dos and don’ts of the door. Yet, with little ones, the best thing is to just keep the button or opener out of their reach. You should install your wall control five feet from the ground or higher.

In certain areas of new york, garage doors can be very useful in keeping cars away from harsh weather and also as storage space. Choose a company that can give you the garage door that fits you and your home’s needs. For more information, visit