Garden Benches The Best Thing To Sit On

Garden Benches are used to allow 3-4 people sit at once together. Some benches have arm rest and back rests, some are simple ones on which people can sit from either side. Garden benches are traditionally made of wood but due to the scarcity of good quality wood and its ever increasing price, these days we can find garden benches made of plastic, Iron, Concrete, Stone and synthetic items made of plastic waste. Most of the garden benches, found in children’s parks and public parks are donated by some charity concerns meant to provide benefit to the common citizen including elderly and children.

Garden benches are more or like similar to the benches seen in parks but are a bit longer than park benches. Garden benches are also found on the terraces of multi storied buildings to facilitate its residents and children in the evenings. Ancient garden benches were made of single piece of a tree trunk, designed to provide seating and arm and back rest. These days where trees can not be cut to make benches, they have evolved in new types, made of wood plates, iron and even solid plastic. There are some types of benches which are meant for single sitting, used for sight seeing. It provides the pleasure of enjoying beautiful landscapes, any specific event or even watching busy streets from a different angle surrounded by natural beauties.

Garden Benches are also used as a swing in children’s park where 3 to 4 children sit together and enjoy the swing. The bench is hanged over ropes or iron chains from both sides and pulled, then released by external forces. It starts swinging like pendulums, providing immense pleasure to the children. The garden benches are also use to display potted plants. They are made of Cedar wood or teakwood, a weather resistant material which has no effect of sunlight, water and soil and do not get decayed for a long period.

Plastic and fiber benches have gained popularity these days due to their cost effective and long durability nature. Synthetic resin is also used to make park benches because it is made of recycled plastic.